Breakthrough Mastery Is Based on The Latest
Breakthroughs In Human Performance Studies &
Real World, Science-Based Practices...

I’m Jeremy Bellotti, the Lead Transformation Coach at Lurn.

My job is literally to help people become the BEST version of themselves. And that’s exactly what the Breakthrough Mastery experience is all about:

  • The Top 5 Peak Performance & Mastering Productivity Tactics...
  • Upleveling The #1 Areas Of Life That Matter Most For Entrepreneurs...
  • Becoming The Best Leader, Spouse, Parent, Friend, & Person Possible...
  • Reaching For Your Vision Of Lifestyle, Wealth, & Personal Success...
  • ...Basically, Becoming The BEST YOU Who’s Ready For Anything In Your Life!

I want to help people take absolute control of their lives and master the mindset of massive wealth and success.

This isn’t a fluffy, watered down personal development program. It’s so much more than that...

Breakthrough Mastery is results driven and entrepreneur focused. In this course, I’m going to teach you how to help YOURSELF - so that you can go out and GET IT, every single day.

I want to help people make life decisions like wealthy and successful people do. I want to help people execute the same life skills that helped me turn my life around in a BIG way.

I want to bring out your greatness!

From College Graduate & Scholarship Athlete
To Lost, Homeless, & Hopeless...

Listen, there was a terrible time in my life when I was aimless and heading nowhere.

After my college graduation in 2009, I fell deeply into a downward spiral. My life was truly in shambles.

  • For an entire year, I was broke and living out of my car and a storage unit…
  • I couldn’t find a job, and when I did find work I couldn’t manage to keep it long...
  • I was scraping together loose change for meals and taking showers at gas stations...
  • I was broken, alone and too ashamed to even tell my own family about my situation...

That was my Rock Bottom. I had no energy, no motivation, no drive to better myself. I was both completely complacent and burnt out, all at once.

But now...

I’m blessed with a great mission here at Lurn doing what I love. I am fully committed to building wealth at a level that creates a generational shift in my family. I have a beautiful home, amazing and fulfilling relationships, and 7 incredible nieces. I even drive a Tesla Model S.

So, if I was able to undergo a wild transformation and get my life in order…

How did I do it?

And how do I help others go from where they are now to massive success?

Keep Reading To Find Out...

What Do These Billionaires All Have In Common?

No matter how they got there, these billionaires have one thing in common.

Regardless of if they’re a tech mogul, a sales legend, or investment guru...

There is ONE SINGLE CONSTANT in all of their lives.

It’s the #1 booster for the world’s wealthy and successful people that NOBODY talks about...

This huge booster helps them:

  • Look At Their Problems With Crystal Clarity & Find The Best Solutions…
  • Maximize Efficiency & Productivity Levels, Greater Than All Their Peers…
  • Conquer Burnout & Maintain A High Energy Level 24/7…
  • Become More Influential In All Kinds Of Relationships...

But - before I reveal it, let’s discuss this first:

Does IQ Have Anything To Do With Wealth?

Let me just say this straight -

Billionaires aren’t billionaires because they have the highest IQs in the world. Having a high IQ doesn’t automatically lead to wealth, success, or fulfillment…

The billionaires of the world all have the success mindset. They’ve mastered the mental game of wealth and entrepreneurship.

They know how to work and hustle - more importantly, how to EXECUTE and IMPLEMENT!

What all of them have is direct and constant access to an EXECUTION COACH:

  • Someone who keeps them accountable.
  • Someone who can think logically about their situation.
  • Someone who can help them find practical solutions to reach the desired results.
  • Someone who looks at their life from a bird's eye view and isn’t IN their problems with them.

The billionaires know best that one’s mentality is what makes or breaks success in life, on all fronts. So if you have somebody who can keep you in the right mindset, and share the right wisdom…

You could become unstoppable too.

...Not Just Billionaires, But Hedge-Fund Managers,
CEOs, Olympic Athletes & Successful Entrepreneurs...

Almost everyone has heard of these famous people:

  • Bill Clinton
    42nd President of The United States
    Mentored By Tony Robbins
  • Bill Gates
    Founder Of Microsoft
    Mentored By Warren Buffet
  • Oprah Winfrey
    Media Executive & Tastemaker
    Mentored By Martha Beck
  • Michael Jordan
    Basketball Superstar, 6x NBA Champ
    Mentored By Tony Robbins
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
    Academy Award-Winning Actor
    Mentored By Tony Robbins

The greatest, most successful, most wealthy people in the world didn’t just reach peak performance out of nowhere...

They had great minds working alongside them behind the scenes, guiding them. Reminding them. COACHING them. THIS is the #1 booster of the wealthy and successful.

And THAT is the unmatchable value of great coaching.

A great coach will keep your head on straight. He or she will know based on industry-leading tactics and personal experience how you should approach whatever trying situation you’re in the middle of.

Maybe it can’t be directly measured - but the impact of a world-class coach makes all the difference in the world.

A Thought Experiment:
Ever Bought an Online Training Program?

Most entrepreneurs have probably had access to resources, coaching, and training for a long time.

There’s so much free helpful content on the internet - YouTube, podcasts, online courses. We even offer dozens of free courses right here inside Lurn Nation.

There’s definitely no lack of digital content to learn and grow from, so that begs the question:

  • What blocks entrepreneurs from reaching tangible success?

At the end of the day, most of the tools needed for success are out there...

The truth is - many entrepreneurs end up getting in their own way.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people need execution coaches. To help them identify problem areas and find logical solutions. To help them break glass ceilings and realize better perspectives.

The coaching available in Breakthrough Mastery is as cutting-edge as it gets.

It’s driven by the latest breakthrough studies in neuroscience, productivity, positive psychology, and optimized human performance. The opportunity to make wild breakthroughs is right here -

It’s time to take a step in the right direction.

The Surface Problem:
"Why Is this Happening? Why Don’t I Get Results?"

Are you a good executer? Think about it like this:

Execution is a skill. It’s something that you can learn, something that can be taught.

Most scientists weren’t born as scientific geniuses. They learned from others, by reading books and going to school and listening to experts in their field.

In the same way, not everybody is born a great executer. That’s why the execution coaching space exists - because the mentality of massive success can be taught, too!

An execution coach helps people start making real changes in their lives.

It can be very difficult to find a great mentor. But that’s what we’re offering here in the Breakthrough Mastery program - the chance to get world-class coaching for the price of just $3 a day for one year...

The REAL Problem:
Execution & Implementation Coaches
Can Cost A LOT Of Money!

The real problem is that direct training from a masterful coach is usually VERY EXPENSIVE.

  • Most regular people think that they aren’t ready for a great coach…
  • They think that they can’t possibly afford a great coach…
  • They think a great coach coach is only a luxury for the already wealthy…

I’m here to CRUSH those misconceptions.

Because great execution coaching isn’t just effective for the rich people of the world...

It can help ANYBODY make major life changes and become the best version of themselves.

A Note From Anik Singal: CEO of Lurn Inc.

Look, I’ve long understood the value of great execution coaching - and I know because of my personal experience.

When somebody said I should get a business coach, at first I thought they were crazy. It took months before I finally bit the bullet and contacted a trusted mentor suggested by a friend...

Well, I’ve invested over $250,000 into my personal coach over the last couple of years...

And I’ve seen wild returns on my investment!

I know best that an execution and implementation coach can change the entire course of one’s entrepreneurial journey, for good.

If you’re looking to find your big breakthrough, if you want to master the mental game of wealth and maximize success potential...

Jeremy Bellotti’s Breakthrough Mastery program is exactly what you need!

CEO Lurn, Inc.

So, here’s my big proposition:
How Would You Like Your Own Execution &
Implementation Coach For Just $3 a DAY?

Listen, I’m not here to coach Billionaires.

I’m here to coach regular people who need a real BOOST in their lives. Regular people who want to reach the wealth they know they’re capable of. The success that they DESERVE.

Because I once needed that boost to dig myself out of Rock Bottom. And I’ve made it my life’s mission to pay it forward and do the same for others.

That’s why I want to offer the best deal on my Breakthrough Mastery program.

For the price of less than $3 a day for one year, you can get the execution and implementation coaching needed to uplevel all of the most important areas of your life.


This is how to reach real breakthroughs, based on cutting-edge science and peak performance studies.

I want to share the best execution life skills that will last a lifetime.

The 3 Accelerators of Wealth - The M3 Formula

This is the exact 3-step formula to mastering the mental game of wealth.

Now, I can’t reveal all of the details - they’ll exclusively be available in the Breakthrough Mastery program.

But here’s the rundown of the groundbreaking M3 formula:

#1: Millionaire Mindset

  • Reprogram Your Money Paradigm
  • Million Dollar Decision Making 
  • Extreme Ownership & Relentless Integrity

#2: Money Map

  • The X Factor
  • Install Millionaire Rituals
  • Money Mapping

#3: Entrepreneurial Mastery of Wealth

  • Money vs Wealth
  • Your Environment of Excellence
  • Invest in Coaching

The 2 Things That Stand Between You & Your Goals

That’s it. Just these 2 things

  • The M3 Formula...
  • And The Implementation Of It In Your Life!

Let’s get one thing straight -

If you are just becoming aware of the 3 Accelerators of Wealth, your change can start right here.

This 3-step formula is the fundamental core of the Breakthrough Mastery program.

Many people work with a broken wealth model from the very beginning. Even if one is a peak performer - if one uses a broken model, they won’t get the results they’re hoping for...

A great model can change everything. The 3 Accelerators of Wealth is that model.

Start mastering the Millionaire Mindset, Money Map, and Entrepreneurial Mastery of Wealth today!

Based on 25,000 hours of research & 800 case studies...

The best methods to reach Big Breakthroughs are right here in this program.

I’ve invested so much of my life into this program. All of my years at Lurn, all of the work I’ve put into turning my life around - this is the refined end product.

I want to help you succeed, both in business and life.

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate test of personal mastery - but nobody can do it alone.

So it’s time to make a decision -

I’m offering you an execution and implementation coach for the price of just $3 a day for one year.

Ready to make changes and reach your Big Breakthrough?

This Is The Full
Breakthrough Mastery Package:

7 Weeks of Coaching to Achieve
Your Breakthrough Mastery

Week #1: Live Your Purpose

In this lesson you’ll find your personal success and wealth GPS. Master the grit and growth mindset and map out your purposeful path. Here’s to the start of making big changes.

Week #2: Own Your Power

Your paradigm breakthrough starts when you claim complete ownership for everything in your life. Form new habits, rewire your mind to attract wealth, and accomplish your true goals.

Week #3: UpLeveling Performance

This week’s lesson is all about reaching peak performance. You’ll learn about the habits of the wealthy, morning rituals for maximum success, and all about the flow state formula.

Week #4: Produce Your Freedom

This is all about getting results. You’re going to create your highest standard of freedom, and commit to producing results that align with your personal vision.

Week #5: Your FitLife Transformation

This is your physical health and vitality breakthrough. Learn how to optimize stress and take best care of yourself so you can be a peak performer every single day.

Week #6: Design Your Lifestyle

This is where you make breakthroughs in your lifestyle and relationships. You’re going to create an environment of excellence, network with influencers, and find the right work-life balance.

Week #7: Master Your Money

Your money and wealth breakthrough starts here. This is where you learn the 3 Accelerators of Wealth, and how to truly master the mental game of wealth for long-term success.

Plus, 7 Huge Free Bonuses If You
Start Your Transformation Today!

#1: Build Your Legacy To Last Generations (Bonus Training Module)

  • This bonus training module will prepare you for long-term success.
  • Make your impactful business legacy breakthrough...
  • Master the mindset to building wealth for the rest of your life...
  • Learn how to take the entrepreneurial quantum leap!

#2: UpLeveled Wealth Psychology (Mental Wealth Video Training)

  • This video mini-course is all about upping your knowledge.
  • Learn how to rewire the conditioned resistance that’s been holding you back...
  • Learn how to change your negative mental programming around money...
  • Bulletproof your mental game of money and wealth...
  • Dial-in on exactly how to build massive wealth in today’s fast-paced digital economy!

#3: The Ultimate Daily Performance Priming (Millionaire Meditation)

  • This mp3 audio meditation will help you build the right habits for massive daily success.
  • Includes morning gratitudes & active appreciation sessions...
  • Daily success accelerator secrets...
  • 4-stage mirror growth meditation...
  • Learn how to prime yourself for peak performance, world-class productivity, laser focus & creative genius - every single day!

#4: Success Barricades (Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with Jeremy)

  • These audio coaching sessions are designed to help you breakthrough real-world obstacles, challenges, & barricades to entrepreneurial success.
  • This bonus contains backroom intervention sessions...
  • All available in a short, actionable coaching library...
  • Breakthrough all of the fear, overwhelm, stress, resistance, & burnout that’s holding you back!

#5: The Lost Millionaire Rituals (Winning Habits Video Training)

  • This video training course is all about the winning habits of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Master the art of entrepreneur habit formation for maximum productivity...
  • Understand how to eliminate bad habits & install good habits...
  • Champion the right rituals to help install these 7 success habits!

#6: Lurn Nation - (Global Community Of Entrepreneurs)

  • Find support in our worldwide community of entrepreneurs.
  • Get direct & personal feedback from your peers and Lurn experts...
  • Network with like-minded business starters for daily accountability...
  • Collaborate & grow alongside other Lurn student-entrepreneurs...
  • Plus, get coaching help from Jeremy & Lurn Experts in the community!

#7: 12 Months of LIVE Training With Jeremy Bellotti!

  • This is the greatest bonus of all - a FULL YEAR of extended coaching!
  • Get a 2+ hour group coaching call directly with Jeremy every week!
  • Get all of your questions & concerns answered every week!
  • Learn & engage live with other Breakthrough Mastery students!
Final Chance - Imagine
What Do You Really Have To Lose?

Plenty of people purchase online courses. Plenty of people try muscling it through on their own.

So if you’re still reading this, it’s clear that you’re still looking for more. That you have yet to reach the level of success that you desire and deserve.

So I want you to take the leap of faith.

I want you to believe in yourself and invest in making the life-changing breakthrough you need.

I want to help you master the mental game of wealth.

What are you waiting for, Entrepreneur?

Just $3 a Day - A One-Time Investment of $997

The execution coaching you need is available for the price of less than $3 a day for one year.

So, why am I giving this away at such a bargain price? You may be asking - “What’s the catch?” Why would I offer such an incredible deal for such a jaw-dropping rate? Well, it’s simple.

Honestly - it’s benefits ME to help you reach your breakthrough, as fast as possible.

If you purchase this course, I’m betting on you to make Big Breakthroughs. Because that’s what I do - I turn people into winners.

Then, you’ll tell other people about the my execution coaching program. And the more successful you are, the more likely you are to continue retaining my services as your execution coach.

So I’m betting on YOU.

And I’m hoping that you will bet on yourself!

Get an Entire Year of Coaching -
Create a Massive Shift of Excellence in Your Life...

So this is your golden opportunity. An entire YEAR of execution coaching and training to help you:

  • Start living up to your fullest potential...
  • Make big moves every day with confidence...
  • And navigate the journey toward real success!

These lessons are powerful. This program is filled with the tough truths you need to shed your old self and become the person you’ve always envisioned you’d be.

I can’t wait to work directly with a select group of entrepreneurs who are ready for their personal transformation. I’m going to help you seize absolute control of your life!

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, whether you’re starting from the bottom or looking to break a plateau -

Don’t miss out on this chance to change your life, journey, and future, forever.