Build a Lucrative Online Business On a
Shoestring Budget, Even If You Have Nothing To Sell...
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    Discover The 5 Step Business System Thousands Of Everyday People Have Used to Start a Profitable Business In Their Spare Time...

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    No Inventory, No Rent, No Employees... Get Started With Nothing But a Computer and an Email Address (Even if You Have Zero Tech Skills)!

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    Build a Side Business, Or Become a Full Time Entrepreneur. This Business Model Can Be As Big Or Small As You're Willing To Work It...

What They Say About Anik...

Daymond John

“Anik Singal & Lurn are
one of the best places to learn Entrepreneurship - take
the class!”


Robert Kiyosaki

“Email marketing is one of the BEST ways to start an online business - a true asset!”


Grant Cardone

“Anik Singal blows my mind
with his knowledge of converting traffic and using Email - a true master.”


Les Brown

“Anik Singal is a MASTER at his trade. I have never seen someone as bright as him - take his course!”

Sneak Peek Inside The FREE Workshop:
Title: Watch Me Launch a Business in 20 Minutes or Less!

Part #1:
Most Powerful Business System

Listen in as Anik Singal reveals the business system he discovered 15 years ago. Simple and effective - more today than ever before!

The entire FORMULA and system will be revealed, nothing held back. Over 15 years of knowledge & experience!

Part #2:
No Product or Experience Needed

Don’t waste time and risk money developing an entire product and hiring a team to administer it. Anik Singal will show how to build it without having to build a product (if you choose)...

How to pick from over 100,000+ products and start monetizing the business...

Part #3:
Over 9 Figures in Sales

In the last 15 years, it is this very business model that has generated over 9 Figures in sales for Anik Singal and his companies.

No matter what social media platform launches, Email Marketing is still king - with over 4.6 Billion email addresses in the World - start now!

Part #4:
The Story: From $1.7 Million in Debt...

8 years ago, Anik Singal made some big mistakes in business and found himself $1.7 Million in DEBT. There was no way out, but he turned to Email marketing…

Within just 16 months of turning to Email - he paid off all his debts and was back to scaling in profit. Here’s exactly how...

Part #5:
Case Studies - See My Businesses!

NOTHING is hidden from our #LurnNation students. Watch as actual businesses are revealed. See the entire business, the pages and exactly how they were monetized.

Anik Singal will release 3 specific case studies in this workshop that any of his students can copy and paste!

Part #6:
Build in 20 Minutes Using $500k Technology...

To help make it easier for our students to launch a business - we invested over $500,000 in developing an amazing technology called the LAUNCHPAD.

Watch Anik Singal use this technology to launch an entire business in 20 minutes or LESS...

Part #7:
Join Our Incubator & Get a Coach!

Watch the training till the very end and a select few students will get the chance of getting coached by Anik Singal and the entire Lurn team.

Inside our Incubator, you get all the technology, training and even Free DAILY coaching to help build a successful Email marketing business!