You Must QUALIFY For
This Mentorship – Here’s How…

We want to work with very serious Entrepreneurs who are ready to invest their time and money to start this business. We also need to assure the full dedication. This program has created amazing results but it can be intense also.

Here’s how you qualify:

  • Step #1:  Book Free 20 Minute Qualification Call
  • You can have a completely free phone call with our advisors. In this call, we’ll explore your current standing and what you need. You’ll get amazing advice & also find out if you can go to the next step.

  • Step #2:  If Qualified – Free 30 Minute Call with Advisor
  • On this call, you walk away with a full plan of action for your business. You’ll have a chance to ask questions. Also, finally – you’ll learn about our mentorship program – this is when you will either get an invitation to join us or not. 

  • Step #3If Invited – You’ll Get Dates (We Offer Virtual & In-Person Mentorship)
  • If you’re invited, I highly recommend you make a FAST decision to take action. Our mentorship seats go very fast. Only about 10% of our applicants get the invitation, so come prepared! 

If you want to start – scroll down and fill in your Name & Email to get the application process started.

Here’s Exactly What We Do Together...
Here’s What You Get…

You join a very small and intimate community of Entrepreneurs who work together to build a powerful business. We will support you through the entire process.

  • #1. We help you choose the niche and topic of your business.
  • #2. We help you get your entire business UP and running.
  • #3. We help you get TRAFFIC coming to your business (to build your Email list).
  • #4. We help you implement your MONETIZATION strategy (to turn Subscribers into Sales).
  • #5. We help you create ALL the pages, copywriting and Emails needed for your business…
  • #6. We give you ON-Going support and coaching for 1 year!

Basically, if you’re qualified and get the invitation, we will help you create the entire business – no matter how much experience you have or don’t have.


Let Me Be Blunt – This is NOT Free…
You Must Invest Time & Money…

Building a business is no joke, it requires INVESTMENT of both time and money. I always tell our Lurn Entrepreneurs the truth as it is – I never sugar coat (for your benefit). If you’re in a place where you have absolutely no money, this is NOT the time to build a business.

However, if you’re SERIOUS about really getting your business up and running – then let’s talk.

We want you to commit TIME – at least 7-10 hours a week to your business.

We also need you to be prepared to invest MONEY – there is costs involved. Now, how much? That depends on you and the kind of business you want to build.

On your Free Advisor call, we can work on a CUSTOM-PLAN for you. But, as a minimum, please make sure you have access to being able to get at least $1,000 in capital minimum for your business.

If that is not possible, we can always talk in the future when it is – we just want what’s best for you and what’s going to give you the BEST chance at success!

Ready? Book Your Free Call?
Let’s Talk About Working Together…

Step #1: Fill In Your Name & Email

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