Freelance Blueprint Gives Everything You Needs To Optimize & Bring Your Business To The Next Level...

If you didn’t know, you have a skill right now that people will pay you a LOT of money for.

Maybe you have a skill set that people are ALWAYS asking you to help them with.

Think about the job you have right now. That’s a skill you have that someone is already paying you for.

But guess what? You could create more time and financial freedom for yourself if you knew how to take that skill to a bigger level.

Here’s what I mean…

Have you heard those Internet “success stories”? I’m pretty sure you have...

You know - like the story where some 19 year old college dropout builds his own website, puts up a post or two on Facebook, and BAM.
The next thing you know, he’s got a steady stream of clients just lining up to pay him for his expertise?

Or maybe…

The one where a guy who works a regular day job throws together a quick site…

Starts taking side gigs, and inside six months, he’s quit the day job, then hires a staff of eight, and instead of 60-hour work weeks, he spends his time managing his team from anywhere he feels like.

Aren’t you tired of hearing all those stories?

Not because you’re not interested in hearing them (on the contrary, they’re oddly inspiring).

Maybe you’re tired of hearing them because you wish that kind of success could happen for YOU.

Truth is - you ALREADY KNOW how to help people, but...

When You Think About Earning Money For Helping Others Do
What Comes Easily to You - It’s Easy to Get Overwhelmed...

Maybe you think you have to set up some complicated online system, be a techie, write 20 blogs a day, send 500 emails, read 10 books, etc.

The thing is, you’re already 75% of the way there.

All you need to do is find a way to put yourself out there and be perceived as an authority and convinces people you can solve their problems.

And it’s pretty easy to do.

If you thought it was difficult, you’re actually right - it is. It’s difficult to those people who have never done it before and don’t know how to do it.

But it’s pretty simple to those who do it and are already making a killing from it.

This is what Freelance Blueprint is all about.

You see…

This Course Will Show You Exactly How Find A Hungry Audience Looking To Pay For Your Skill Set & Show Them Why You Are The Best Option.

Maybe right now you’re in one of these positions:

  • You’re tired of punching a clock…
  • You’re tired of waiting for annual vacation to roll around...
  • You’re tired of asking PERMISSION to take a day off with your kids, or stay at home
  • You’re basically tired of asking for permission to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Maybe you have a quiet feeling that there’s tons of money to be made out there, but you don’t know where to start.

And the fear of spending tons of time and effort to set something up only to watch it fail, PARALYZES you.

So you stay where you are and keep wishing…

But here’s the real truth...

You don’t have to be Jeff Bezos to make a lot of money helping people - you just have to be good enough to help someone else.

If you let “being overwhelmed” or fear dominate your thoughts…’ll never try anything.

That’s because the feeling that you’re “not good enough to get paid” can sneak in, take over and make you believe that you’re not ready.

But you’ll never know if you never try.

Listen - your business will never be “perfect” and that’s okay.

But you can’t just keep trying tactic after tactic with no clear direction or you’ll just keep getting frustrated and give up.

So instead… need to find and follow a step-by-step roadmap for solving people’s problems with the skills you already have and making a hell of a lot of money doing it.
If you always wanted to do something lucrative that supports your lifestyle, something that will allow you to have the freedom you’re looking for (that your 9-to-5 will NEVER give you)...

And you already know that no one ever truly strikes it big by working for someone else.

Then I want to tell you about an extremely rewarding business model that cuts the risk, effort, and learning curve drastically?

You can get started with this business model today!

That Business Model Is Called FREELANCING.

This business model can be summed up in just 3 steps…

  • Identify the skills you already have…
  • Find people with problems your skills solve…
  • Get them to pay you to solve it for them.

This the FASTEST and MOST DIRECT way to start a profitable online business.

There’s no need to worry about building a store front, hiring and employees, and worrying about overhead.

You’re just a one man army and you get to keep all the money you make for yourself. Well, after you pay your taxes ;).

How Do I Know I Can Help You Start Your Own
6-Figure Freelance Business?
Because I've done it myself AND helped others do it too...

I started my first consulting business while I was still in college.

And now - 15 years later, I’ve been a part of over $250 million in sales.

In fact, one of my latest clients, Fred Lam, was able to grow his business from ZERO to $1.4 Million in just 5 months…


As you can see, I have this freelancing stuff down pact.

And I know how to build an entire business around it (all from the ground up).

So when you join Freelance Blueprint, you’ll get ALL of my expertise, all in one place. And you can use it right away to start and grow your own freelance business from scratch.

Ready to see what you get?

Keep reading...

Join Freelance Blueprint & See How to
Get Your 1st High-Paying Freelance Client

You Can Break Free & Create Your Own Profitable
Freelance Business With Freelance Blueprint.

Inside Freelance Blueprint, you get the no-nonsense insight you need and a plan you can trust to start from absolute SCRATCH and...

To finally be your own person and control your own life and schedule - you need 2 things:

  1. A proven system & push-button simple blueprint
  2. A community of people who are on the same mission as you

Freelance Blueprint offers you both.

When you join Freelance Blueprint, you’ll get 7 powerful modules (71 lessons total) showing you how to start from nothing and create a 6-figure Freelance business.

And trust me - I made sure to cover all the bases.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Start an online freelance business selling skills you already have...
  • Create an enterprise of your own & run it your way…
  • Get started on the side and earn extra income in just a few hours a week...
  • Help people one-on-one and profit handsomely from it...
  • Build a business so successful you no longer need a “day job”...

Introduction: Build Your Own Freelance Agency

In this introduction, you’ll find out who freelancing works for (hint - people with skills such as writing, designing, developing, assisting, accounting… the list goes on and on) and get a list of tips so you can make the most of your time in this course.

Module #1: Freelancing For Beginners

What’s the easiest path to success as a freelancer? You’ll discover it in this module. We’ll also cover common challenges you may face, and the methods and habits you’ll need to get around those obstacles. Finally, we’ll give you the first action step needed to put you on the path to freelancing success.

Module #2: Getting Started

Every business owner struggles with some key questions when they’re starting out. What should your specialty be? Should you use your own name for your business or pick something else? Do you really need a website? And so on and so forth. All of these questions will be answered in this module - consider it as the foundation for setting yourself up for success.

Module #3: - Finding and Managing Clients

When you’re set up, your next step is to find clients - and not just any clients. You want the right clients who will see your value and respect your time accordingly. In this module, you’ll discover where to find these seemingly elusive creatures and how to manage them for a successful business relationship.

Module #4: Marketing Your Freelance Business

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, the majority of your time should NOT be spent actively looking for clients. Instead, you want to harness the power of proper marketing so those great clients come looking for YOU. In Module 4, we’ll show you several marketing methods and persuasive techniques you can use to attract clients practically effortlessly.

Module #5: Ideas For Scaling Your Business

Here’s the secret so few people will tell you about scaling your business - it’s NOT a one-size-fits-all experience. Instead of giving you one idea of what you can accomplish next with your freelance business, this module gives you SEVEN, all of which are covered in detail so you can choose which option fits your success path best.

Module #6: Building A Team

Even if you start your business as a one-person-show, chances are good you’ll want to add to your team as you grow. There are many challenges to creating an effective team, and in this module, you’ll hear what they are and how to defeat them. When you’re done with these lessons, you’ll know how to find and manage the right people AND how to keep them happy so they can continue to help your business grow.

Module #7: Freelancer Interviews

Hearing steps to the process is great, but sometimes you’re still left with lingering doubts that these steps actually work. In this module, you’ll listen to the experiences of two extremely successful freelance business owners - you can learn from their experiences and take heart from their big wins.

Ready to Earn a Great Living as a Freelancer?

Meet Your Instant Impact Coaches...

Daniel Constable - Associate Content Manager, Lurn Inc.

Daniel began his career as an English teacher in the United Arab Emirates.

After teaching for two years, he decided to work remotely so he could continue traveling the world. He worked as a freelance writer for over a year before joining the content team at Lurn. As Associate Content Manager, Daniel

Andrew Lantz - Content Director, Lurn Inc

Andrew took a different path to success online.

He started a freelance writing company from his dorm room and for the next 5 years was the man behind the curtain of some of the most successful programs in the history of online marketing. As the Content Director of Lurn, Andrew brings a wealth of experience in market research, product development, funnel design and promotional strategies.

Steven Parato - Associate Content Director, Lurn Inc

Stephen is a creativity wizard.

He is an author and blogger, with 20 books and over 250 articles written for various publications. Stephen's specialties include content marketing, writing, course creation, creativity and launching blogs/websites from scratch.

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