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Learn How To Build An Online Business With Nothing
But Your Email Address & Our Software.
No Technical Skills & Experience Needed - This Step-By-Step Guide
Will Give You Every Tool You Need To Launch Your Business...

Email marketing has a huge return on investment (a whopping 4,300%) and is considered "the most effective digital marketing tactic" you can use.

To put it simply, Email Marketing...

  • Is better (meaning, more profitable) than paid traffic/SEO...
  • Has a much higher ROI than social media marketing...
  • Is simple to implement because most people already use email...

...But, it only has such a high return on investment when it’s implemented properly.

And if you don’t know where to start, the best place, like anything - is at the beginning. If you’re brand new to "online marketing" and feel overwhelmed at the very thought of it - you’re not alone.

But, you don't need to stay that way.

Because when you have a roadmap that starts from the beginning and takes you all the way through to the end, all you need to do is follow the plan. Take one step at a time, pace yourself, and make sure to take consistent action.

And if you do - you cannot fail. But, before you reach "success" you need 2 things first:

A guide or a mentor who has already done what you want to do!

A proven step-by-step blueprint to follow...

And When you join Inbox Blueprint today, you’ll gain access to both!

Join Email Startup Incubator today and learn how to build a passive highly-profitable online business using nothing but an EMAIL ADDRESS! This intensive program gives you the Training, Technology & Community you need to get the RESULTS you’ve been looking for.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’re going to get in the Inbox Blueprint course:

Training - Get access to the best Email marketing training program!

This training and full system has been in the making for over 15 years - the core system has earned me over $200 Million in sales!

    • Full Video Based Training - 8-Module Video Course...
    • Get unlimited access to our easy to follow, step-by-step training...
    • Copy & pasting our instructions...

    ...this course is specifically designed for beginners!

    You don’t have to worry at all about technology or anything confusing - we’ll help you launch your business.


    Assignment Based Training - Take It One Step At A Time!

    We’ve made it so you can take it all one day at a time…

    ...just complete all the assignments and within a matter of a few days, your business will be up and running (if you take action and complete each action step!)


    Live Examples - See Our Businesses...

    …we’re big believers in taking action (especially with what we teach!)

    So throughout the training, we’ll show you our own businesses. We’ll even build a business from scratch with you! It’s truly over-the-shoulder type training.

Technology - Join Email Startup Incubator today & gain access to our LaunchPad (our $500,000 software!)

It’s a one-of-a-kind technology platform that will allow you to rapidly build a truly unique business, all within a matter of a few clicks.


    Build Unlimited Businesses!

    You’ll get access to all of the technology you need with LaunchPad. You can build, update and maintain your opt-in pages - all in the same place. We know that being able to analyze your data is...

    ...the key to running a successful online business.

    To track the entire business - from clicks to sales - the LaunchPad is all you’ll need!


    We have over 30 niches (fully automated) - Now growing to 50…

    • Weight Loss…
    • Personal Development…
    • Internet Marketing…

    …and so much more!

    We have all of the top niches for you to choose from.

    So, if you don’t know which category is best for you, no problem - we can help you make the right choice.


    We have 4,000+ opt-in page options - All Ready To Go

    With over 4,000 possible opt-in page combinations from our huge library, you’ll never run out of choices for your totally unique business creation.

    We’re also constantly adding new templates for you! Unlimited access to these resources means you’ll never have to spend time designing or writing your opt-in pages from scratch - you’ll never need to hire a designer!


    Get access to 17,500+ pieces of content (for PDFs & Emails!)

    With LaunchPad, you don’t even have to write your own emails or create your own Free PDF gifts (to get subscribers)  - it’s already done for you!

    If you join Email Startup Incubator today, you’ll gain lifetime access to all 17,500+ American-authored articles. Each one is fully brandable and customizable for your business.

    Just pick what you like and  for your own use.


    Full integration with Sendlane - Take your business live!

    Because LaunchPad is fully integrated with Sendlane, you get to do so much more than just build your business.

    You also get to take it live, using the #1 Email Marketing System for Digital Publishers. Manage your entire email operation with our easy-to-use platform that gives you total control of your business.

Community - Having access to a community full of other Lurn Nation entrepreneurs is the last key to unlocking your full potential!

When you join Email Startup Incubator...’ll have this incredible training and technology at your disposal.

But that’s not enough for us. We want to go above and beyond to help you succeed! We know that community means doing more than just providing the instructions.


    Guidance & Mentorship - Access to Anik & Lurn’s Top Coaches The Lurn Family is here to support you

    And we know mentorship is an invaluable asset for any entrepreneur.

    When you join the Email Startup Incubator, you will get access to me (Anik Singal), Lurn’s Top Coaches and other radically successful entrepreneurs who’ve been doing this for years.

    This is a big part of the program that all of our current members have really come to value and appreciate the most.

  • ADVANTAGE #10:

    Gain Access To Successful Students - Build Meaningful Relationships By enrolling in Email Startup Incubator. You’ll instantly connect and engage with an entire community of amazingly successful Lurn Nation peers.

    Get instant support, masterminding and hands-on help from those who have just recently done it!

    You’ll gain access to some of our most successful students and learn how to become one of them.

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Apply Today To Receive
3 Free Bonuses:

7-Figure Niches - Niche Detective
($797 value)

You’ll gain access to...

  • Hand-picked & researched analysis on the Top 30 Niches...
  • Full reports that have all the information you need in one place...

You can only gain access to this bonus when you purchase this course!

My $3 Million Email Templates Library + List Academy ($1,997 value)

The only 3 templates of emails you’ll ever need!

Learn exactly how I promote low, medium & high-ticket affiliate products to create 6-figure months...

Master the simple rules I use to write engaging emails...

First Day Traffic League - 6 Week Fast Start Program + Traffic Academy
($2,997 value)

With this bonus, you’ll gain access to:

  • The first 100 subscribers case study & over-the-shoulder workshops...
  • Tips & steps to become an expert on both free & paid online traffic...

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to invest in yourself!

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Here Are The Only 8 Modules You Need To
Master In The Inbox Blueprint System...

Module #1 - Addiction Meter

Learn how to identify the most profitable niches with the highest commissions.

Selecting the right niche is how you can ensure the long-term success of your business.

Module #2 - The Bait

Designing the right opt-in page can make or break your lead generation efforts.

We’ve got over 4,000 different high-converting opt-in page combinations for you to choose from. All you have to do is point and click.

Module #3 - My TYP Method

This is the #1 opportunity for an Email Marketer to start generating revenue. And the best part is you don’t even need your own product.

This is by FAR the most ignored area I see among other Email Marketers. And with LaunchPad, we automate it for you.

Module #4 - The Email Machine

Learn how to craft engaging and compelling email sequences that run on autopilot every time a new subscriber joins your list.

You can use this to line up months of profitable affiliate sales, and cycle through a wide variety of different products.

If you’re not a writer, don’t worry, because I’m going to hand you the exact same email templates I use to
generate millions of dollars in sales.

Module #5 - Email List Relationship

This is where you’ll learn one of the most powerful secrets of email marketing: lead nurturing.

Find out how to develop long-lasting relationships with your subscribers and become their go-to source for information in your niche.

Module #6 - Payday Secrets

Find out how to move up into the 7-figure range with your online business by launching your own products and setting up massive paydays for yourself.

This requires a little bit more work, but allows you to reap all the rewards.

Module #7 - Easy Traffic

Learn how to drive tons of free traffic to your opt-in page so you don’t have to rely on expensive paid traffic just to build your list.

When you learn how to get subscribers for free, your profitability skyrockets.

Module #8 - Unlimited Success

The real secret to success is metrics, metrics, and more metrics. Learn which numbers to pay attention to, and which to ignore.

You’ll also discover how to leverage powerful split-testing features within LaunchPad to improve your conversion rates and optimize your funnel from top
to bottom.

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Here’s The Breakthrough Technology:
You Get Unlimited Access To LaunchPad!

  • Over 30+ niches fully automated
  • 4,000+ opt-in page designs and templates
  • 17,500+ pieces of content to use in PDFs or emails
    (written by American authors and fully brandable)
  • Full integration with SendLane
    (#1 email marketing system for Digital Publishers)
  • Unlimited business building potential

Don’t Miss Out On This Lifetime Access To All The
Tools You’ll Ever Need To Run A Successful
Email Marketing Business!

Right now, we’re celebrating Lurn’s first anniversary!

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Inbox Blueprint is usually priced at $997 - but just for this week...

...I’m making it only $499!

This offer won’t last long - available for a limited time only!

Take this opportunity to invest in yourself - take advantage of the beginner-friendly blueprint to build your own passive business around almost any interest using email!

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