"I've Tested Over 100 Funnels & Time After Time - These 7 Always Win!" - Anik Singal

310,000 Low Ticket Products & $20 Million in Sales...

Funnel #5 of 7: The Under-The-Radar Low Ticket Funnel!

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    310,000 Low Ticket Products

    $20M+ in Sales

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    For Experienced Marketers


Get Coaching, Data & LIVE
Examples of My Funnels…



Get Coaching, Data & LIVE
Examples of My Funnels…


Hi, it’s Anik Singal and we’re in the final stretch of this free Bootcamp!

Now, before we start, if you haven’t watched Funnel #1, #2, #3, or #4, go back and watch those now — you’ll see how these recently discovered funnel tweaks are completely revolutionizing our entire business...

So if you’re ready, let’s dive into Funnel #5 of our Top 7 funnels.

It’s no secret that the biggest TREND in the online marketing world right now is “High Ticket” Products.

Wait, what’s a HIGH-TICKET Product?

These are offers that are normally $1,000 or more in price…

The best thing about high-ticket products is that it takes just a few sales to start making big income. However, the WAY we sell high-ticket products is fast about to change…

There is a HUGE change coming - you can either get IN-FRONT of it or wait and miss the gold rush!

Here’s why there is such a big change coming...

  • Every day, MORE and more people are starting to build funnels to sell high-ticket webinars - in almost any niche...
  • The market of consumers are getting inundated with the same kinds of funnels - they’re getting tired of it.
  • Consumers are getting HARDER to sell - that means, taking a stranger cold lead and immediately asking them for thousands of dollars - is getting harder and harder to work…

Now, consumers are truly asking to be COURTED more.

Consumers are now more cautious and more relationship driven. This means that taking them straight to a webinar and asking them to buy is a tough bet.

This is exactly why we’re starting to do things differently here at Lurn…

The “High Ticket” Funnel Cycle Is Being Rudely Disrupted
…We’re Leading The Charge With Funnel #5

The writing is on the wall…

  • People are no longer impulsively buying products priced at $997 or more...
  • They are starting to require more relationship building.
  • They want their trust EARNED...

So, this is where our Funnel #5 comes into the picture!

We designed Funnel #5 to sell LOW-TICKET offers…

Our biggest goal with low-ticket funnels was to RE-inspire impulse buying. As consumers get more cautious in their purchase behavior, we wanted to create a funnel that would remove the risk.

However, the funnel itself would build up our relationship with the consumer.

This way, slowly but surely, we could continue to upsell the customer!

You will NOT hear this anywhere else.

Funnel #5 Is A Perfect Storm For Monetizing Leads In A Market That Is Growing Blind To High Ticket Offers...

That’s how we’ve generated over $20,000,000 in sales with Funnel #5 alone (without even mentioning the back end)

Inside Million Dollar Funnels I’ll also show you exactly how we “STACK” our funnels so any

leads you generate with Funnel #5 can be shuffled over to Funnel #3 or #4 for exponential growth.

I’m sure you can see how mastering LOW TICKET can differentiate you from every other marketer online.

And, inside Million Dollar Funnels, you’ll discover how to launch your own Low Ticket to High Ticket Funnel.

Again, I’ve been doing this for a long time.

I mastered the art of Low Ticket and I want you to be able to monetize your leads better than anyone else.

Funnel #5 : Monetizes Your Leads In 5 Different Ways…

Monetization #1: Low Ticket Sales Page

This is your front end sales page where you send all of your leads, or run ads to.

Usually it sells a product between $1 and $7, and in some cases, you can offer products up to $37 if you know what you’re doing!

Monetization #2: Bump Offer (With A Twist)

If you follow the lesson in Million Dollar Funnels, you can create recurring income right on the order form.

This one-click addition to the order is worded specifically to convert at high levels.

Monetization #3: Upsell Offer #1

In our funnels, this is where we break even.

This upsell allows us to outspend our competition on Facebook.

Monetization #4: “Super-Ticket” Lead Process

With multiple ways to offer a high ticket offer, we ensure only the most qualified leads sign up.

This keeps our customers happy and ready to go deeper into our universe.

Monetization #5: Back End High Ticket Webinar

This automated high ticket machine gets triggered when a new lead qualifies and closes $5,000+ sales with no phone calls!

No matter what kind of business you’re in - when you can monetize your leads in more ways than one, you’ll be able to…

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Now, although Funnel #1 is the most straightforward of the 7 “Million Dollar Funnels...”

You can’t just toss up a page and hope for results.

I didn’t build 6 profitable businesses, sell over $200 Million in products, and build a community of over 230,694 members by “chance.”

There is a true ART and a SCIENCE to launching a free offer that sets the stage for future sales. 

Inside Million Dollar Funnels you’ll see everything, including:

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