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32,000+ Email Leads & $7 Million In Sales…

Funnel #6 of 7: The Super Ticket Funnel - Exclusive To Lurn

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    32,000+ Email Leads

    $7 Million+ In Sales (so far)

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    Experienced Entrepreneur

How We Close $5,000+ Offers Direct From a 7 Page Website!

Hi, it’s Anik Singal, CEO of Lurn, Inc. and we’re back today with Funnel #6!

Alright, fair warning - this is going to seem weird.

In Funnel #6 - I harped on the amazing benefits of having LOW-Ticket funnels. I spoke about how hard it can be to sell high-ticket products using funnels that everyone and their cousin’s are using.

Well, I’m about to go to the other extreme now.

I’m about to talk about bypassing high-ticket products all together and going straight for the SUPER TICKET products.

So, although it may seem contrary to what I said in Funnel #6 - it’s actually not.

See, the point of great funnels is to be doing something EFFECTIVE & DIFFERENT than what every other marketer is doing…

So, we decided to do something very crazy.

I set out with a goal to sell SUPER Ticket products - without a long webinar or
even low-ticket products, all using a funky website...

So, what we do is…

Create a series of pages, a letter that is broken down into 7 micro-commitments.

As you go through each page, you answer a ton of questions to really qualify yourself - we make sure there are no surprises for the consumer in the end.

Then, assuming you make it through - the last step requires you to BOOK A CALL with one of our advisors.

Throughout the process - you’ve given a lot of information that will help the advisor serve you the best. And, that’s it!

Watch the video above if you want to see the details on how this funnel works…

The Lurn Exclusive Direct Super Ticket Funnel Sells $3,000, $5,000 & $10,000+ Offers Better Than Any Sales
Process I’ve Seen Online Today...

And, inside Million Dollar Funnels, you’ll discover how we’re reawakening the super-ticket market using our Lurn Exclusive “Super Ticket Sales Page”.

I’ll show you my exact pages, my conversions and tell you just how to get your own built!

But, in order for me to reveal THIS level of detail, I do need to ask you to make a tiny investment and commit to joining us inside Million Dollar Funnels...

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Now, although Funnel #1 is the most straightforward of the 7 “Million Dollar Funnels...”

You can’t just toss up a page and hope for results.

I didn’t build 6 profitable businesses, sell over $200 Million in products, and build a community of over 230,694 members by “chance.”

There is a true ART and a SCIENCE to launching a free offer that sets the stage for future sales. 

Inside Million Dollar Funnels you’ll see everything, including:

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So, if you’re even slightly interested - please read this page and watch this video. You’ll be excited to see that I reveal EVERY one of my 7 funnels there!

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