Use Pinterest To Transform Your
Passion & Purpose Into An Absolute Traffic Machine
For Your Business...

You can access a largely untapped GOLD MINE for traffic and leads...

If you start using the social media platform Pinterest!

Even the tech-savvy are largely unaware of how amazing Pinterest can be for your business. The majority of entrepreneurs are so focused on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube…

But what if I told you…

You could make Pinterest your leading driver of clients while spending LESS time on it than other platforms!

I want to help you use your natural skill sets on Pinterest to add value to the world and help other people - all the while profiting along the way.

Pinterest is SO much more than a space for do-it-yourself crafts, wedding mood boards, and fashion or style posts…

It can be an absolute powerhouse for your business.

And I’m here to teach you exactly how to use it as effectively as possible!

Together, we’re going to craft your Pinterest strategy and make sure you position yourself to reach all of your business goals.

Whether it may be:

  • Driving more traffic to your website…
  • Building a huge email list of loyal and excited people…
  • Selling your product or services to interested, eager-to-buy clients…
  • Growing your brand to the point that it’s easily recognizable…
  • Getting more people to sign up and book strategy coaching calls...

With the right plan and tools, Pinterest can help you accomplish it all.

This is Pinterest To Profits.

And just by reading this, you’re one step closer to massive success!

“Who Are You? & Why Do You
Want To Help Me?

My name is Reese Evans.

I’m the founder of the Yes Supply coaching business. I’m a Master Success Coach and experienced trainer for life coaches, personal development influencers, and many different types of entrepreneurs.

I teach people how to grow successful and sustainable 6+ figure businesses by combining their passion with the lifestyle they want to live.

And even though I have over 50,000 Instagram followers...

Pinterest is still the leading source of traffic for my business!

Over the years, I’ve learned a phenomenal system to transform my Pinterest page into Profits. And I want to share everything I know with you.

Listen, a couple of years ago I didn’t think that Pinterest was a wildly lucrative business tool. Neither did the people I work with, my friends, or anybody else I talked to about it.

But I took the leap of faith myself

I switched from using a personal Pinterest account to a business Pinterest account...

And I’ve seen so much success that I wanted to teach others how to use it best too! I want to help you transform your business.

Along the way, you’ll discover the answers to questions like:

  • “Who are the perfect clients for my business that I want to get in front of?”
  • “How do I navigate Pinterest the best way possible for my business?”
  • “What keywords do I need to make sure I implement in my marketing strategy?”
  • “What are the top features & tools I could use to streamline everything?”
  • “How do I present my brand and business in a way that engages with people?”
  • “What are the little things I can do to maximize my impact on Pinterest?

This course is the collection of all of my Pinterest knowledge and experience. It’s everything I know about using Pinterest to grow your brand and business to the next level and beyond.

If that’s something you’re interested in, I encourage you to keep on reading.

The Hidden Truth About Pinterest - Why It’s
Different Than Other Social Media Platforms...

On other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram...

People often scroll through their feeds simply to relax, browse, and scroll passively. It’s most often just another easy way to pass the time.

But what I’ve learned about Pinterest is that users of the platform are on a mission. They’re actively searching for products and inspiration - usually something quite specific.

That’s why Pinterest can be such a powerhouse for you...

It’s something you can take full advantage of to grow your brand and business!

And it’s not about taking advantage of people, nothing like that. It’s about finding and catching the attention of people who are already interested in exactly what you have to offer.

Listen, whatever your ideal client avatar may be, your perfect target audience is waiting for you on Pinterest.

And I want to help you reach and interact with them!

This complete training course is all about growing your brand and skyrocketing your business with Pinterest. And I leave nothing out - all of my knowledge is yours.

If you’re interested in using Pinterest for your business...

You might as well do it the RIGHT way from the start. Why go through all of the headache that comes along with starting from scratch and going through countless trials and errors?

You can access major shortcuts and quickly set yourself up for success if you learn the core lessons available in Pinterest To Profits.

Pinterest Can Be Extremely Profitable
If You Have The Right Guidance & System...

It’s really all about the system.

I’ve spent years figuring out the best Pinterest marketing strategies and cultivating a huge list of what to do, and what not to do.

I’m willing to hand you the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to succeed on Pinterest - for a huge 50% discount (but more on that later)...

Best of all, the action steps I lay out in this course are simple enough for anyone to follow.

Even if you zero social media experience and are bad with technology. I lay out everything you need to know as clearly and simply as possible.

This course is for both beginner and intermediate-level users of Pinterest - even if you have a little bit of experience, I’m sure you’ll gain massive value from the strategies I teach in this course.

Here are some of the key lessons. I want to teach you how to:

  • Setup your own Pinterest business account & prepare it for success…
  • Use Pinterest to build & grow a huge email list…
  • Target major key words so you can attract the audience you want…
  • Drive massive traffic to your blog or web pages…
  • Get thousands of people to see your pins - even without many followers…
  • Lead customers & clients to where you want them to go…
  • Add fuel to your Pinterest fire - reach & bring people back to your landing page…
  • Use secret strategies to reach new & interested audiences…

And so much more!

Pinterest To Profits will help you capture the attention of complete strangers, and turn them into loyal, long-term customers (and big fans of your brand)!

Here’s What You Get Today With The
Full Pinterest To Profits Training Course...

A complete 6-module course to teach you everything step-by-step:

Module #1: Introduction & Initial Set-Up

Pinterest is a true power house. Leverage the power of Pinterest to increase your traffic, build and grow your email list, attract clients and so much more. Learn how you can turn your Pinterest into profits in this module.

Module #2: Keywording Your Pinterest Profile

Search-engines are run by keywords, and Pinterest is no exception in this case. That is why we're diving into keywords and how to implement them from top to bottom into your current Pinterest strategy. This is a crucial step that will give you an instant boost in traffic.

Module #3: Website & Blog Creation For Pinterest

Here's a powerful formula: Blogging + Pinterest = Powerful Synergy! This module covers how to create this synergy and how you can reap the benefits from specifically blogging for Pinterest.

Module #4: Pinterest For List Building

Building an email list is a must in today's digital world! As you may know, the only way you reach your own leads is if they are subscribers to your email list. That's why we will discuss how you should be using Pinterest to build your email list.

Module #5: Group Board Strategies To Create More Reach

Group Boards are a secret weapon when it comes to gaining exposure on Pinterest. In this module, we're going to show you how to use this easy but successful strategy so that you can grow your Pinterest following!

Module #6: Add Fuel To Your Pinterest Fire

After going through the previous modules, we're taking it one step further and teaching you how to add fuel to your Pinterest fire. I will share a secret automation tool for you to use and grow your Pinterest page to the next level and beyond.

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