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You’re Selling Yourself Short & Sabotaging
Your Online Success By Ignoring Print-On-Demand.

If you’re looking to start an eCom business.

Or you already have an eCom business and you’re looking to scale...

You’re thinking about starting an online business, but haven’t found your landing ground yet…

Print-On-Demand is EXACTLY what you should be looking to get into. Print on demand is the easiest and fastest route to generating profits in eCommerce.

The reason for this is simple:

  • It has a low barrier of entry(you can start with very little investment)
  • You can quickly identify & position your products in front of a hot, ready to buy audience.
  • Just like that, you can start generating profits.

So, if you’re looking to start a store from scratch and generate profits fast, there is no better eCom model than Print-On-Demand.

Today, I’m going to show you...

The 3-Step Process I Used to Generate 7-figures...
in Just 6 Months With Print-on-Demand.

Before I stumbled upon Print-on-Demand, I tried almost everything.

I heard so much great things about starting an online business. You know, the usual stuff about quitting your day job, working from home, traveling the world, etc.

So I jumped in, excited, looking to get my own piece of the “Digital Gold Rush.”

I tried, everything from:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Social media marketing for local businesses.
  • CPA.

Everything you could name, I probably tried it, but nothing worked. Frustrated, not knowing where to turn and facing the possibility of staying stuck in a job I hated.

Then in a sick twist of fate, I stumbled across eCom.

Still trying to get my feet wet and find my landing ground in the eCom space, I tried a few models.

In the process of doing that, trying to find lasting success, I got cheated out of a lot of money from someone I had partnered up with and trusted. That left a bad taste in my mouth.

Being the fighter that I am, I didn’t let that stop me.

Actually, I got fueled by that experience to keep trying until I succeeded. Learning from my mistakes and making sure not to repeat my past experiences…

I stumbled across Print-On-Demand, and instantly realized this was the best eCom model I’d ever come across.

So I dove in head first, learned all I could and mastered it.

I built up my store, set up some funnels and started driving traffic. All of a sudden I started generating profits. It got so crazy that 6 months later, I had generated 7 figures from my Print-On-Demand business.

Before I could realize, I was winning 2 Comma Club awards and I haven’t looked back since.

If at all you’re asking…

Why Print-On-Demand Is The Best eCom Model…

The answer is simple...

In addition to it being easy to get into with such a low barrier of entry.

With everybody so fixated on dropshipping, Print-On-Demand is currently crushing it under the radar. There is a hungry crowd looking for merchandise that represent their many passions and interests.

For example, things like:

  • Coffee Mugs for dog lovers.
  • T-shirts for stay-at-home moms.
  • Followers of a certain sport, etc.

As crazy as it sounds, there is a HUGE demand for products like these but the supply is very little.

This is where you can come in, position your products and start generating crazy profits quicker than you could imagine.

The great thing is, unlike other eCom models, you don’t have to wait too long for products to ship.

Your customers receive their item within just 3 days after they place their order with you.

That’s because your products are being built right in the United States. With that being said, you don’t have to worry about quality, because the product and the packaging will be of the highest quality.

In addition to that, you have FULL control of your product and design. You can create a product from scratch and a brand that’s unique to you.

With most eCom models, everybody sells similar products.

That leaves you competing against a larger competition and most of the time, the top sellers already have most of the customers.

When your brand and products are unique to you, you stand out. But most importantly, you already have access to a hungry market that is ready to buy. So there’s virtually no competition for you.

  • Having a unique brand.
  • High quality products.
  • Faster shipping times.

Make for a great customer experience, which in turn gets you repeat business.

So, not only can you reach a hungry audience ready to buy your products, you also get the amazing benefit of having repeat customers!

That, my friend, is the recipe for amazing success in eCom..

And if you approach Print-On-Demand the right way, this is exactly what you can have.

That’s what I was able to do and I scaled my business to 7-figures, in just 6 months, using a simple 3-step formula.

I revealed it out in a groundbreaking course called Print Profits. This course will show you...

The 3-Step Process To Building A 7-Figure
eCom BusinessUsing Print-On-Demand.

Like I said, it took me years of pain, losing money, along with a lot of trial and error to figure this out.

But I’ve gone through all the struggles and obstacles so you don’t have to. Now you can have the full blueprint handed to you on a silver platter.

Internalize this simple formula, and you can have a store up and running, generating profits in no time.

I was able to generate a Million dollars in sales in just 6 months with this exact formula, after I had spent years of trial and error trying to figure it out.

I’m not saying you will get the same results, I’m only trying to open you up to the incredible potential of this powerful formula.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t been the only one to benefit…

I’ve used this same formula to help a few hundred students go from lost, losing money trying to figure it all out... building 6+ figure eCom stores using Print-On-Demand.

Today is your defining moment. Today you will get the rare opportunity to join them and build a 6-figure store of your own.

But before I present this opportunity to you, let me first show you…

The Simple 3-Step Formula To Quickly Building...
A Profitable Online Business With Print-On-Demand.

Step #1 - Build Your Store.
Step #2 - Create Your Products.
Step #3 - Drive Traffic

As simple as it sounds, there’s a bit more that goes into it.

You need to know how to build your store in a way that gives your visitors the best experience. It should also be optimized to make the most out of traffic.

You need to know where to find a supplier that understands your vision and can bring your products to life at the highest quality.

You have to understand where your perfect audience hang out so you can position yourself accordingly.

You have to understand how to build funnels.

I make this all easy for you in the course. I break the whole down into  digestible chunks, with simple, step-by-step instructions that you can breeze through in just a few hours a week and master the whole process.

You even get my EXACT funnel that has generated multiple 7 figures in sales. It’s yours to copy and paste for your own business.

With an opportunity as lucrative as this flying under the radar, along with the dropshipping model becoming increasingly saturated and frustrating…

It’s only a matter of time before everybody else starts jumping on the Print-On-Demand bandwagon.

So It’s in your absolute best interest to jump in now, and get your piece of the tasty Print-On-Demand pie, before it’s too late.

The skills you learn in Print Profits...

Will put you in the BEST position to leverage the Print-On-Demand model and quickly start making profits.

You can start generating some amazing income for yourself on a consistent basis.

So at this point you have two options…

#1 - You can try to do it yourself.

You can do what I did, spend years of trial and error, constantly getting frustrated, losing a lot of money, maybe getting cheated out of some money...

In order to figure this out, or…

#2 - You can take the 3X faster route.

You can shave months, or even years off the process, save yourself the headache, and misery of losing more money, and enroll in Print Profits…

If you want to build a profitable online business, and start generating consistent monthly income for yourself...

Then you absolutely NEED to enroll in Print Profits.

You Can Break Free & Create Your Own Profitable
Freelance Business With Print Profits Now.

Module #1: Complete Print Profits Master Program

What’s the easiest path to success as a freelancer? You’ll discover it in this module. We’ll also cover common challenges you may face, and the methods and habits you’ll need to get around those obstacles. Finally, we’ll give you the first action step needed to put you on the path to freelancing success.

Module #2: Exclusive Invitation to the Print Profits Community

Every business owner struggles with some key questions when they’re starting out. What should your specialty be? Should you use your own name for your business or pick something else? Do you really need a website? And so on and so forth. All of these questions will be answered in this module - consider it as the foundation for setting yourself up for success.

Module #3: - Print Profit Mentorship Program

When you’re set up, your next step is to find clients - and not just any clients. You want the right clients who will see your value and respect your time accordingly. In this module, you’ll discover where to find these seemingly elusive creatures and how to manage them for a successful business relationship.

Get mentorship beyond the video trainings with our weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A’s. You’ll also get access to our bi-weekly webinar trainings with Michael Shih and other experts to help you excel in Print-On-Demand and exponentially scale your business!

You are NOT in this alone!

But I'm not only going to give you the system & the community. I've gone out of my way to make this the BEST ecommerce system on the planet.

And that's why I've also included...

6 New Bonuses For Print Profits Members…

When you join Print Profits™ today, you’ll also get insane value from these bonuses (all for an amazing 50% off)!

Merch By Amazon Mastery

Get exclusive step-by-step training on how to profit from Amazon’s $85 Billion Market by selling without carrying ANY inventory.

Etsy Mastery

Add an additional revenue source to your funnel by tapping into the fast-growing Etsy marketplace! Start selling your print-on-demand products there and grow your business!

Funnel Stealer

You cannot profit without a strategized sales funnel! Learn how to build a converting sales funnel and receive my own 7-figure funnel template for FREE!


Don’t let the design aspect stop you from creating your own print-on-demand business. With Print Lab, you will receive a FREE design each day, along with its mockup and ad images so you can start selling right away!

Ready to Call Your Own Shots?
Here’s What You’ll Get INSTANTLY...

When you enroll in Print Profits, here’s a breakdown in value of exactly what you’ll be getting.

  • #1. Instant Access – Step-By-Step, Complete Print Profits Master Program ($3,997 Value)
  • #2. Exclusive Invitation to the Print Profits Community ($997 Value)
  • #3. Mentorship Program - Print Profits ($2,497 Value)
  • #4. Bonus #1 – Merch By Amazon Mastery ($597 Value)
  • #5. Bonus #2 – Etsy Mastery ($497 Value)
  • #6. Bonus #3 – Funnel Stealer ($997 Value)
  • #7. Bonus #4 – PRINT LAB ($997 Value)
Total Value: $4,782
Yours all for JUST 1 Payment of $997
* OR (6) Separate Payments of $199

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