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Funnel #3 of 7: Webinar + Free Book Secret

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Hi, it’s Anik Singal here…

And, it’s time for Day 3 in this 7-day Free course!

(If you haven’t watched Day #1 and Day #2 yet, what are you waiting for?  Click the links to go to each video and get caught up)

So, for Funnel #2, we talked about Webinars and how we add a “Twist.”

And, considering that Funnel #3 is all about Webinars as well, you can bet that we have yet another “Twist” to add to the Funnel #2 twist!

The #1 contribution that Funnel #3 adds is that we have made ONE small - yet powerful change to the webinar registration page itself.  This one change has created a big burst in our webinar opt-ins.

...what we did is add a free gift (or Free Book) to the Webinar registration page.

So, as a thank you gift for registering for our webinar, we added an “instant gratification” gift - the Free Book!

Now, we’ve had very good results from this new form of webinar registration - so I have a quick warning for you:

Do NOT Spend Another Dime On Traffic
For Webinar Funnels Before Seeing This...

Watch the video above and you’ll see exactly how this process works.

It’s simple, yet powerfully effective.

All we’ve done is added an INCENTIVE that offers immediate benefit to someone who registers for our webinars.  The data is powerful.

Our registrations went up, while our show-rate for the webinar stayed almost the same!

For the details, watch the video above.

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