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From: the Desk of Fred Lam
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

After selling over $25 Million in products online – it’s about time I taught you how to set up your own ecommerce dropshipping business!


As a whole - the ecommerce industry is out of date!

In fact, most ecommerce store owners are still doing things the same way they were done back in the late 1990s!

But times have changed since the old “dot-com” days.

Now there’s more to this than just building a store, filling it with products, and driving some traffic. And what worked before won't work today because Ecommerce has CHANGED…

...& these changes make it possible for ANYONE to make A LOT of money!

Why You Don't Need to be Amazon to
Make a Fortune Selling Products Online

Just think about this...

According to data from, ecommerce sales are expected to hit $4.48 trillion in 2021 (a 246.15% increase from 2014). That’s almost 3 TIMES the amount of transactions happening now!


According to Business Insider, 43% of ecommerce sales in the United States went through Amazon in 2016.

Now...that’s a lot!

But the good news for you?

There’s still plenty of room for you to make a killing with your own ecommerce business!

Because please hear me: You DON’T need to compete with Amazon to hit 6, 7, and even 8 figures with ecommerce.

All YOU need is a teeny-tiny fraction of those sales to be VERY successful.

And if at this point you’re wondering:

“Well, what do I have to do to get a piece of that $4.6 trillion pie!?”

I guarantee you that you’re not alone.

So, keep reading...

“But I’ve Never Done Any Online Sales
or Ecommerce Stuff Before. Ever.”


Guess who else didn’t know anything about ecommerce when he got started?

Me (Fred Lam)!

In fact, it took a lot of work, several expensive failures, and a few years for me to get this right. But I figured it out, made TONS of cash, and I’m giving you my blueprint & my system inside Zero Up™…

Now if you want to know my background…’s dishwashing!


I used to be a dishwasher before I “made it” online.

I saw success EVERYWHERE around me. I saw people like me KILLING IT online. And I thought to myself, why not ME?

“There’s gotta be a system or method out there that can get me out of being a dishwasher, and into the 7-figure club.”

And after years of searching, losing sleep, and failing, I found it! I FINALLY discovered the right system for making boatloads of cash (QUICKLY) with ecommerce.

Even if you’ve NEVER done ANYTHING like this before - it works!

What is it?’s a system that lets you sell & ship products from China:

  • Without ever SHIPPING them…
  • Without ever TOUCHING them…
  • Without ever even SEEING them…

Actually, in the last five years alone my students and I have used this EXACT “no-brainer” system to generate over $10 Million in ecommerce sales!

All starting from scratch, all from their laptops.

[REVEALED] The 5-Step System That Can
Make You Into a 7-Figure Ecommerce Jedi...

To see the kind of success I’m talking about, all you need is my 5 step system. This is NOT a course or a program…’s a COMPLETE business in a box!

Now, there are 5 Steps to setting up your own ecommerce empire.

Hitting 6 or 7 figures with these 5-steps is VERY possible!

I’m not talking about “making a few bucks” several years down the road. I’m talking about using these 5-steps to see a REAL “replace your income level” revenue stream in months.

I’ve used this over and over again to build multiple money-making ecommerce stores in all kinds of niches.

And I’ve laid out this exact system (and a whole lot more) FOR YOU inside the member’s area (which you can access RIGHT NOW for only 50% off the regular price)…


Want to Set Up a One-Person Dropshipping Empire?
Here Are the Only 5 Steps You Need to Follow…

  1. Step #1: Get a Web Presence…
  2. Step #2: Get Products to Sell & Dropship from China…
  3. Step #3: Get Traffic to Your Store…
  4. Step #4: MULTIPLY Your Profits With Smart Sales Funnels…
  5. Step #5: Do it Over & Over Again…

That’s it.

Now, you could do this MANUALLY, or…

You could get a system that does it all FOR YOU…

That’s what I’m offering you with Zero Up™.

You’ll find zero “theory” inside. Just a practical step-by-step blueprint to get your store up and running fast (with products, sales, and even traffic)!

All you have to do is join, follow the steps, and you’ll have your first store up in just a few days (or even today)...

The 1st Step to Freedom - Join Zero UP™

This is the best ecommerce business builder on the planet.

It’s not a “training” or “program” - it LITERALLY builds the business! I’ve covered EVERY DETAIL and left nothing to chance. Once it’s setup, you can be off doing other things (while it rakes in sales FOR YOU)!

Zero Up™ does it all:

  1. The store...
  2. The products...
  3. The sales funnel...
  4. The landing pages...
  5. The shipping...
  6. The payments...
  7. The marketing...
  8. The traffic…

...& MUCH more!

It works in any industry, any niche, and any interest.

You won't find a more uncomplicated way to start your own ecommerce business anywhere.

Here’s What You Get When You Join…

#1. Proven System

I’ll take you through 7 complete and highly detailed modules that show you everything you need to start dropshipping online (you even get LIVE examples, case-studies, coaching, and a community)!

  • Module #1: Store Creation - discover the step by step procedure for creating your very first ecommerce store (in just days).
  • Module #2: Inventory Arbitrage - The “autopilot” method to sell any physical product without ever handling or shipping ANYTHING!
  • Module #3: Turbocharging Your Store - Get a list of apps and configurations needed to turn your store into a cash machine. This is the “Secret Sauce” to the entire system!
  • Module #4: Creating a Sales Funnel - See how to maximize your revenue from every new customer you acquire.
  • Module #5: Advertising Your Store - How to attract unlimited, targeted, and pre-qualified customers to your business (and turn them into profit).
  • Module #6: Store Management - All the tips, tactics, and “hacks” to maintain and run your store.
  • Module #7: Scaling Up - How to scale your store, increase your brand presence, and get more sales.

#2. Community + Coaching

I’m not just talking about 24/7 “support.” I’m talking actual hands-on real life MENTORSHIP!

When you join, you’ll have access to me (Fred) regularly through LIVE weekly Q&A sessions. In these sessions, you can ask me anything about your business. I’ll even act as your personal consultant to review your business and make sure you’re on track!

Plus - you get to be a part of a community of like-minded people who are learning and growing along with you. Not to mention the exclusive interviews with top marketers, my 7-figure students, and ecommerce experts from around the world!

You are NOT in this alone!

But I'm not only going to give you the system & the community. I've gone out of my way to make this the BEST ecommerce system on the planet.

And that's why I've also included...

6 New Bonuses For Zero Up Members...

When you join Zero Up™ today, you’ll also get insane value from these bonuses!

Instant Access to Zero Up™ Lab (Value $3,997.00 USD).

Receive instant access to the most comprehensive and powerful e-commerce automation tool. With Zero Up™ you can build an e-commerce store with little to no previous experience. Launch your first store with just a few clicks of a button.

BONUS #1:Bing Ads Mastery

Bing Ads can be a big source of traffic for your Shopify store. It's "paid" traffic (meaning you have to buy it), but it's an awesome way to get instant traffic to your store - and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

BONUS #2: Google Ad Mastery

You’d be shocked if you knew how many eCom store owners still haven’t made the small investment of time required to grow their business using basic paid search advertising in Google's Ad Network. In this additional resource, we’ll show you how to beat your competition with Google Ads.

BONUS #3: Influencer Marketing With Dan DaSilva

See how to leverage other people's audiences and followers on Instagram to send hordes of ready to buy traffic to your eCom store. Learn directly from 7-figure master influencer marketer, Dan DaSilva!

BONUS #4: Email Tools With Jimmy Kim

See the best way to utilize email marketing for your new Shopify business from a guy who’s done millions in online sales. Learn directly from Jimmy Kim, the CEO of Sendlane!

BONUS #5: Weekly Bootcamp 1.0

Join each week to see what’s new and how to get started. Find out how to make more and more sales with Shopify dropshipping.

BONUS #6: Weekly Bootcamp 2.0

In our 2.0 Weekly Bootcamp you’ll see advanced strategies and tactics that can help you scale to 6 or 7-figures quickly. All taught by those who have already done it.

BONUS #7: Pixel Bay Setup By Connor James

Connor James breaks down how to properly get set up on Pixel Bay.

BONUS #8: MailChimp Setup By Connor James

Connor James shows you how to install MailChimp for the Shopify app.

BONUS #9: Coding For Profits

Everything you need to know about customizing your Shopify theme to create a lucrative store.


Ready to Call Your Own Shots?
Here’s What You’ll Get INSTANTLY...

  • Instant Access Full Zero Up™ Lab ($3,997.00 Value)
  • Bonus #1 – Bing Ads Mastery
  • Bonus #2 – Google Ad Mastery
  • Bonus #3 – Influencer Marketing With Dan DaSilva
  • Bonus #4 – Email Tools With Jimmy Kim
  • Bonus #5 – Weekly Bootcamp 1.0
  • Bonus #6 – Weekly Bootcamp 2.0
  • Bonus #7 – Pixel Bay Setup By Connor James
  • Bonus #8 – MailChimp Setup By Connor James
  • Bonus #9 – Coding For Profits

Entirely yours for just 6 monthly payments of $299!