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Carpenter And His Son Turn Simple 25-Page Text Documents Into A Lifetime Of Wealth...

With The Best-selling Book "Formula" Discovered By 8-Year-Old Joe!

Discover the unique system Jay is using to collect additional royalty income from Amazon each month - for simple kids books he published as much as 8 years ago!

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Finally! A business so easy a child DID it!

Join Jay Boyer for a workshop where he’ll reveal the simple, three-step system he’s using to turn simple text documents into an amazing lifestyle.† He’ll walk you through exactly how he goes from idea to sale using...

A Surprising New Business Model... Discovered By His 8 Year Old Son!

When Jay’s son asked to write a kid’s book together, he simply thought it would be fun.† A nice change from reading the next chapter of Harry Potter each night.

He had no idea that 5 evenings of “hard work” and one short, simple book would one day fund Joe’s college tuition!† (No joke - you really need to register just to hear this story!)

Jay has even found a way to get someone else to do all the writing when he doesn’t feel like it.† An easy way to dial up a pay raise whenever he wants one. And best of all?

The entire system worksÖ

Without A Website, Advertising, Or Doing Any Marketing!

This system is so simple an 8 year old can literally do it.

And you can learn the entire process in less time than it takes to watch a couple episodes of your favorite Netflix series.

In This Free Book & Workshop You'll Discover...

  • The 3-step system for turning tiny text documents into a lifetime of wealth. (And how to get other people to write them for you!)
  • The surprising reason “non-creative”, non-writers make the BEST children’s book publishers. (HINT: It has to do with approaching this as a BUSINESS and not a JOB)
  • Why you DON’T need a “bestseller” to be wildly successful (Jays reveal the shocking potential of a #177,582-ranked book!)
  • How to get Amazon to do your marketing for you. And then send you 70% of the purchase price!

This is a unique opportunity for anyone to start an online business without the stress and confusion! But this exclusive 90-minute training wonít be available forever, so save your seat NOW!

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