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Meet Our Special Guests Behind $2 Billion In Sales…
Day #1
Guest #1: Eric Jee

Eric Jee is a highly-sought after copywriter who as written for heavy-hitters like Robert Kiyosaki, Russell Brunson’s 2CC-Award Entrepreneurs, the late Clayton Makepeace, and even Oscar-Winning Hollywood Makeup Artists.

His words have grossed well
over $3.3 million in sales by now, with no signs of slowing down!

Day #1
Guest #2: Fred Lam

Fred Lam is the founder & CEO of iPro Academy, ZeroUp & Water Liberty with multiple entrepreneur awards including the Inc. 5000 listing.

Over the last decade, he’s leveraged copywriting to go from a dishwasher earning the minimum wage to generating over $40M in sales.

Day #2
Guest #1: Stefan Georgi

Stefan Georgi is the successful copywriter responsible for over $700M in sales and the co-founder of the Copy Accelerator mastermind.

Considered to be one of the best copywriters alive today, he also works as a coach, trainer & mentor to both entrepreneurs & freelancers.

Day #2
Guest #2: Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards is a copywriter & author of 3 best-selling books - Writing Riches, Money Words, & How To Write Copy That Sells.

He’s written copy for big name clients such as Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker & many more, grossing well over $100M in sales.

Day #3
Guest #1: Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien is a highly-respected marketer known as the $100 Million Webinar Man.

Over the years, he’s climbed to the top of several industries such as consulting, speaking, eCommerce & many more. He’s often called in to consult with 7, 8 & even 9-figure business.

Day #4
Guest #1: Andy Brackpool

Andy Brackpool is the founder & CEO of, a
7-figure copywriting agency.

He’s also a former student of Lurn, who’s gone on to scale his business from $3,000 to $90,000 a month, all in just a few years.

Day #4
Guest #2: Dave Miz

Dave Miz is an internet entrepreneur, designer & founder of Email Experience, a 7-figure email marketing agency.

His agency has helped over 30 direct-to-consumer brands generate over $28M in revenue with email & SMS - all in just 3 years.

Day #5
Guest #2: Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher is the co-founder of Digital Marketer and several other 8-figure companies.

Over the last few decades, he’s generated over $500M in sales. He also works as a marketing consultant & SEO expert with 13 best-selling books.

Access To Private LIVE Q&As With Our Billion-Dollar Guests - Ask Us Anything About Business, Marketing or Copy...

As a VIP attendee, you’ll have the ability to submit questions to both me and our guests.

You can ask us anything related to business, entrepreneurship, marketing, copywriting or even personal development!

We have a HUGE variety of guests and each of them have their own field of expertise, so I’m sure you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for - whether it’s related to email copywriting, offer creation or even freelancing.

You see, some of our guests are great at writing copy, others are great at creating offers…

And some of them are absolute machines when it comes to getting clients. So, whatever it is you decide to ask us…

I’m confident we’ll have the answer for it, and are able to give you personalized feedback, improvement ideas & proven advice. You won’t get access to this kind of support anywhere else, so don't miss out on it!

Access To LIVE Copy Reviews By Top Copywriting Coaches With Over $100 Million In Sales...

You’ll also get unlimited access to closed-door copy reviews each and every day during the 5-day challenge.

During these private meetings, our world-class copywriting coaches with 110,000+ hours of experience will review multiple pieces of copy while sharing their feedback, suggestions & critique.

You can submit ANY kind of copy you like - whether it’s short-form or long-form.

It can be something you’ve just written, or something that you’ve finished a long time ago.

Whatever it is, we’ll review and improve your copy together. In fact, I’ll also be hopping on these calls to have some fun and break down your emails, pages & webinars!

Keep in mind - these coaches, including me, have generated hundreds of millions in sales with copywriting

So you’ll be learning from people who’ve already succeeded at what you’re trying to do!

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You’ll also get full, lifetime access to each of the recordings, starting from day 1.

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Learn From World-Class Copy Coaches With 110,000+ Hours Of Experience + Hundreds Of Millions In Sales Generated...
Anik Singal
Over $300 million in sales for his own business and millions more for his clients...
Brian Cassingena
A-list copywriter who's generated over $35 million in sales for his clients since 2003...
Misha Hettie
Generated 8-figures in sales & turned hundreds of beginners into highly-paid copywriting experts...
Eric Jee
Over $2.8 million generated for clients with English being his 2nd language...
Mike Humphreys
Long-time copy veteran who's generated over $30 million in sales for clients since 2006...
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You see, copywriting was the #1 skill that completely changed my life, and I believe it can change yours too.

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How to capture your prospect's attention by influencing them psychologically...

Ways to build trust & credibility with your prospects using nothing but WORDS...

Tips for writing attention-grabbing headlines, subheadlines, ads & action pages...

How to maximize conversions by creating a perfect offer & fine-tuning your copy...

Secrets to writing highly-responsive email copy that turns strangers into buyers...

The exact steps for creating a 7-figure sales letter, starting from a blank page...

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All of these reviews will be made by me and our world-class coaches, who’ve all generated millions in sales with their copy. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

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