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It teaches you the foundations of effective copywriting and shows you how to influence your prospect on a psychological level.

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Step #4: 7 Unspoken Copywriting Tricks That Have Helped Me Sell $300 Million in Products (Even Though I Got a D- in English)...

In this video, I reveal some of the most effective, yet most surprising copywriting techniques that have helped me sell over $300 million online. Funnily though, almost no one is talking about these - not even professional copywriters!

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Here’s The Full Schedule For This LIVE Training...
Day #1

Monday, May 17th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) The Death Of Direct Marketing: My 5-Step Formula Behind $300 Million In Sales + LIVE Examples Of Formula In Action...

Day #2

Tuesday, May 18th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) Short Copy Mastery: How To Write Powerful Headlines, Ads & Action Pages Using Proven “Fill-In-The-Blanks” Templates

Day #3

Wednesday, May 19th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) My Million-Dollar Formula: How To Write a 7-Figure Sales Letter & VSL - Join LIVE & We’ll Start Writing a Letter TOGETHER...

Day #4

Thursday, May 20th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) Writing Emails That Sell: How To Write Powerful & Highly-Engaging Email Copy Without Being Spammy or Salesy (The #1 Secret To My Online Success!)

Day #5

Friday, May 21st - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) Copy Hacking: 5 Simple Tricks To Increasing Conversions By 200% Or MORE That Actually Have Nothing To Do With COPY!

FREE 1-Day LIVE Summit

Saturday, May 22nd - 9 AM EST (Show in My Time Zone) Dissecting $30 Million Worth Of Copy Including Sales Pages & Webinars + My Top 7 Highest-Converting Funnels Revealed!

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