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  1. The Death of Direct Marketing & The Birth of Interactive Marketing - this “weird” shift has made copywriting easier than ever… (even most professional copywriters don’t know about this!)
  2. 3 Simple Steps to Influencing Your Prospect Subconsciously so they don’t even know you’re selling them - because they’ll be selling themselves… (you’ll never have to be salesy or pushy!)
  3. The #1 Reason People are NOT Buying Your Products & how to fix it immediately to 3x your sales… (HINT: It’s not because of your pitch!
  4. My Top 2 Secrets to Building Immense Trust and Credibility with your prospects so they see you as the most-trusted expert in your industry… (Most people are leaving thousands on the table for not using these!)
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We’ll do about 90 minute trainings for 5 days straight. So you’ll get a proper deep dive into each of our topics.
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We’re Starting On May 17th - 12 PM EST!

Day #1

Monday, May 17th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) The Death Of Direct Marketing: My 5-Step Formula Behind $300 Million In Sales + LIVE Examples Of Formula In Action...

Day #2

Tuesday, May 18th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) Short Copy Mastery: How To Write Powerful Headlines, Ads & Action Pages Using Proven “Fill-In-The-Blanks” Templates

Day #3

Wednesday, May 19th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) My Million-Dollar Formula: How To Write a 7-Figure Sales Letter & VSL - Join LIVE & We’ll Start Writing a Letter TOGETHER...

Day #4

Thursday, May 20th - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) Writing Emails That Sell: How To Write Powerful & Highly-Engaging Email Copy Without Being Spammy or Salesy (The #1 Secret To My Online Success!)

Day #5

Friday, May 21st - 12 PM EST (Show in My Time Zone) Copy Hacking: 5 Simple Tricks To Increasing Conversions By 200% Or MORE That Actually Have Nothing To Do With COPY!

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If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned during my 18 years in business

It’s the fact that copywriting is the most VITAL part to a business’s success.

Unfortunately, I learned that lesson the hard way. You see, when I first started out in the online world, I struggled for 18 months without making a cent. If it weren’t for the copywriting skills I acquired years later...

I would’ve never been able to build a 9-figure business, let alone sell over $300 million worth of products online.

But don’t get me wrong.

Even though I’ve mostly used copywriting to grow my own business…

I’ve also written copy for other businesses while getting paid handsomely in the process. And right at this moment, there are thousands of entrepreneurs looking for the exact same thing…

A competent copywriter who can increase their revenue on a consistent basis.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or marketer looking to improve your copy skills…

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My brand new 5-Day Copy Masters Challenge is exactly what you need.

In the challenge, I’m going to give you the strategies, templates & formulas you need to start writing high-converting copy for the modern, online world, even if you’re a complete beginner...

Anik Singal

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