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The Circle Of Profit3 Edition

Read By Over 1.1 Million People, The Circle Of Profit Is
Changing Lives For The Better...


Over 1.1 MILLION people (and growing!) have turned to The Circle of Profit to make lasting changes in their career, lifestyle, and financial future.

These people were anxiously looking to leave their day jobs...

To dictate their own income...

To live where they wanted, and HOW they wanted.

To create lasting change that would serve them in every area of life with one simple decision

To turn their passions and experiences into a profitable information business.

Since the last update to The Circle Of Profit over 3 years ago, the world has changed dramatically. Here’s why I believe this book is even more relevant today than ever before

Here’s Why The Circle Of Profit
Is So Powerful...


Simply put, The Circle Of Profit teaches how to turn information into a business. It all centers around Digital Publishing - one of the fastest and most effective ways to create a business from scratch that can provide continuous revenue.

There are 3 important steps to launch a Digital Publishing business and engage the Circle of Profit...

  • Finding The Market: People do best with topics they are passionate about. Choose a passion product or a market that has tremendous potential.
  • Gathering Information: Create a Written, Audio or Video digital product packed with quality content that people will line up to buy.
  • Monetizing the Information: Now comes the fun part - Profits! Through proven traffic, marketing and conversion strategies, learn to create a revenue-generating business.

Every day, millions of people go online looking for information. Digital publishing is simply about giving people the answers they seek.

What knowledge, special skill or passion would the world LOVE to know? Even PAY to know? That's what drives the online information business...

And The Circle Of Profit is the key to making it happen:

The most important step in digital publishing is monetization...

And The Circle Of Profit3 is all about showing you how to monetize information.

The book is broken down into TWO phases...

Phase #1 teaches you how to create revenue with affiliate marketing by endorsing other people's information products.

What's that? It simply means building an email list and promoting other information products.

This important phase is one of the fastest, easiest and most proven ways to launch an online information business.

Phase #2 is all about learning how to create a digital product. I’ll walk you through how to introduce a new product and brand into the world that can easily scale an information business quickly!

Information Publishing Is
A $412 Billion Opportunity

Open To Anyone In The World With Something To Share...


The online information world has been thriving for decades.

It’s an industry worth $412 BILLION, and it’s been EXPONENTIALLY growing over the past 7 years...

And it won’t stop there.

It’s also largely responsible for the $300 million in products I've helped sell online.

It's why I've been privileged to teach over 500,000 students worldwide (and counting.)

But my contribution is just a tiny drop in the ocean-sized multi-billion dollar world of digital publishing & elearning as a whole.

Digital Publishing & eLearning
Will Soon Be A $1 TRILLION Opportunity...

The massive boom in online learning and digital publishing is NOT going away any time soon.

And after seeing how much of a positive impact The Circle Of Profit has made for my students around the world...

I knew I had no choice but to give The Circle of Profit the biggest upgrade yet -- one that will sustain trends in 2021, 2025, 2030 and beyond.

Here's A Tiny Sample of The 'Upgrades'

Contained in The Circle Of Profit3 Edition


The Circle Of Profit3 includes EVERYTHING from the 1st and 2nd editions - PLUS updated secrets, shortcuts, and additional bonuses to help you break into the multi-BILLION-dollar information industry as quickly as possible...

Even if you’re a beginner with ZERO tech knowledge and no marketing experience.

From there, the book will be broken down into 2 clear-cut phases to help you move forward as fast as possible.

Phase #1:

In phase 1, I'm going to jump right in and show you how to make progress FAST.

I'm talking about being up and running in a matter of days.

(Yes, even if you're a complete beginner and have ZERO marketing experience!)



By not letting you get bogged down trying to figure out what to sell.

By letting me do ALL the heavy lifting FOR you.

Inside Phase 1, I'll give you an in-depth look at a dirty little secret:

There are ALREADY millions of products out there right now you can sell and get paid a commission on.

Part of taking a rapid shortcut towards fast profits is to create revenue simply by selling someone else's products.

And you'll be able to build a huge email list at the same time.

You'll discover all the plug-n-play systems to do that inside Phase 1.

Phase #2:

Phase 2 is all about learning how to create a successful, valuable, and highly marketable digital project...

And to do it quickly, efficiently, and profitably right out of the box.

Most people make 2 DEADLY mistakes when it comes to creating their own information products:

  • They create an info product they think people will LOVE, but it makes no money.
  • They rush to get out a poor quality product and the result is poor sales, unhappy customers, and refunds.

Those mistakes can kill your business before it even gets off the ground - that's where Phase 2 of The Circle Of Profit comes in.

Phase 2 will give you the hand-holding guidance you'll need to introduce a new product and brand to the world so you can scale an information business lightning-fast!

A Step-By-Step Process To
Build A Profitable Information Business
Which Have Already Changed Lives
All Over The World - Are You Next?

We've had this book reviewed by our students, by top experts and even the toughest critics in the Entrepreneurship space...

...and the reviews are in.  Everyone has absolutely loved this book and agreed that this book is going to truly change lives.

Here's A Peek Inside The 3rd Edition

The HIDDEN online business-building pitfall you MUST avoid - NOBODY else shares this. (Page 9)

Discover how I avoided BANKRUPTCY and DEATH & built an information publishing empire in just a few years. (Page 20)

Unlock my FOOLPROOF METHOD for finding the ideal market to build your information business. (Page 41)

Find out the simple and repeatable steps you’ll use to build & scale your online empire. (Page 74)

Discover a simple plug-n-play formula to help you “predict” how fast you can make money, before you even start. (Page 11)

Explore today's MOST profitable niche markets and how to figure out which one is right for you. (Page 20)

Learn the fastest way to build a top quality email list. (Page 20)

Discover my secret weapon known as the “TYP Method ” + the 2 quickest ways to grow and scale an information business. (Page 39)

Learn the 3 PROVEN steps to creating a profitable Information Product. (Page 51)

The 5 stupidly-simple factors that can determine how fast you’ll start making money. Jump her to see how much you can make. (Page 107)

Ther one secret that may MULTIPLY your sales and profits, just by making ONE small “Strategy Tweak.” (Page 93)

My PROVEN email secrets I’ve been using for almost 20 years to generate over $300M in revenue. (Page 94)

Discover the solution to the “no money” problem - see exactly how one of my students built a massively profitable business while living in one of India's POOREST cities. (Page 94)

Unlock the potential of POWER NICHES - where you can make multiple 4 or even 5-figures off of ONE single sale. (Page 20)

See why over a million students around the globe learned how to quickly and effectively launch an online information business with The Circle Of Profit. (EVERY PAGE!)

See Live Case Studies & Examples
To Model Your Business After...

Obviously, you’ll get to follow my exact footsteps for launching a successful information business.

You’ll see my most private and well-kept secrets about my OWN specific business.

You’ll see what my proven system is, how it works, all with the data and proof to back it up.

And here’s what’s even better about The Circle of Profit3

You’ll discover a step-by-step roadmap that works TODAY and into the future.

I Want To Make This As Easy As Possible...

The Circle Of Profit3 includes updated tools, case studies, rapid-results formulas, and a detailed plan to get started.

Everything in this book is proven to help start and grow an online information business.

I know this because I've personally lived it, and so have many of my students.

Because I know just how powerful and life-changing The Circle Of Profit can be, I want to make it easy for you to make the decision to grab your copy today.


When You Order Your Digital Copy Today,
You’ll Also Get 3 Amazing Bonuses...


FREE Bonus #1:

4 Steps To Launching A Profitable
Online Business


In this free video training, I walk you through the four steps you need to follow in order to launch a successful & profitable online business.

These aren’t complicated. And I show you how to get started doing the bare minimum.

Even if you’re completely new to online business, you’ll be able to follow these steps.

This will help you quickly implement the blueprint you’ll learn in The Circle of Profit3.

FREE Bonus #2:

The First Sale - How The Fastest Lurn Students Use Email To Turn Profits Fast


Discover the hybrid business model some of our top students have used to quickly launch their online businesses...

With a small number of these students even making $10,000... $25,000... even $100,000 or more PER MONTH with this model!

In this bonus training, you’ll get a CRASH COURSE in how to start fast with what we call a PREMIUM OFFER.

You’ll need to cast aside some doubts you’ll have...

But if you can do that - and if you TAKE ACTION - you’ll have a blueprint you can follow to build a highly profitable online business out of the gate.

FREE Bonus #3:

No Sale Commissions - How To Sell Without EVER Selling Any Product


Believe it or not, there’s a little known market out there where you can earn BIG COMMISSIONS without selling a single thing.

This is the perfect business model for starting out in Phase 1 of the Circle of Profit.

When you first start trying to take action with what you learn in the book, you will have questions and a learning curve.

That’s why one of my goals is to give you a way to QUICKLY get your first sale and start building MOMENTUM.

In this video, I lay out a proven plan anyone can follow...

And I even reveal a website you can use to access thousands of opportunities to bank your first profits online.

That’s 3 AMAZING Bonus Training Videos You Get Access To Right Now With The Circle Of Profit3.

All you need to do to get started right now is click the button below.

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Once you do, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the digital version of The Circle of Profit3, PLUS your bonus video trainings.

I Wrote The Circle Of Profit3 Because I Believe True Freedom isn't Solely About Money.

It goes BEYOND owning your own business that consistently generates income for you...

The Circle Of Profit3 is also about enjoying your day-to-day life even more while being able to get paid well for folowing your passions .

It’s about creating lasting change in every area of your life.

In your relationships.

About achieving the type of freedom that leads to unimagined happiness for you, and those you care about most.

But here’s the thing:

A lot of people dream about turning their passion(s) into a profitable business, but there’s no reason for you to continue to sit and daydream about something like that...

Because you’re not like “most people.”

Because THOUSANDS of people just like you have used The Circle of Profit to create a new and better reality for themselves, all for less than a cup of coffee.

So, at just $4.97 for your INSTANT ACCESS of The Circle Of Profit3 and all the bonuses and extra training...

What do you really have to lose?

That’s HALF the price of a premium cup of coffee.

Heck, it’s the same cost as a Powerball ticket with a 1-in- 292 million chance at winning the lottery.

The difference is The Circle Of Profit3 isn’t a gamble...

It’s a profitable and proven investment because it’s chock full of valuable skills that you can use to build and grow a business.

By now, I think you’re ready to tap into the cutting-edge, time-tested systems and formulas that you’ve discovered on this page aren’t you?

Invest a couple bucks into your future.

Invest $4.97 to get the step-by-step blueprint to create lasting change in your lifestyle, bank account, and even in the freedom of the way YOU CHOOSE to live your life.

Hit the button now.

It’ll be the best $4.97 you’ve ever spent.

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