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Here's What Robert Kiyosaki Has To Say...
"Anik's changed the entire approach
to selling online..."

“Anik’s changed the entire approach to selling online – it’s not even selling anymore.

At Rich Dad, we’ve completely adapted to interactive marketing…”

- Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad

Do Any of These Describe How You Feel Right Now?

#1 Are You Struggling To Make Any Money Online?
Even Though You’re Working Hard & Putting In The Hours...

The truth is...

None of that matters if you can’t write words that sell.

I learned that lesson the hard way. When I started my online business, I worked day and night for 18 months - until I was completely burnt out. Sadly, I made ZERO money.

After I learned some BASIC copywriting skills, everything changed.

When I implemented copywriting for the first time, I made $300 overnight.

Fast forward to today, I’ve gone on to sell over $250M worth of products and services online - all with the #1 skill of copywriting. Luckily, you don’t have to go through any of that pain and struggle that I did.

By using my 5-step copywriting formula…

You can start making money online as soon as today - without working 16 hours a day and getting burnt out.

#2 Are Your Products or Services Just Not Selling?
You’ve Got a Great Product & Service But It’s Just Not Selling...

Your prospects are bombarded with MILLIONS of sales messages.

If you want to stand out and make them click that “buy” button - you need to engage them psychologically. By knowing the right subconscious triggers that influence them to buy...

Your products will start selling themselves.

That’s exactly what my 5-step copywriting formula is for.

It takes your prospect through the psychological steps needed - and hits the right subconscious triggers in their mind. As a result, they’ll buy from you without you even opening your mouth.

Start using this formula and watch your sales explode.

#3 Your Copywriting Freelance Business Is at a Dead Still...
You’ve Tried To Get Clients - But, They Don’t STICK!

Your business isn’t growing because your work isn’t delivering great results.

But it’s not your fault. You see, most of the copywriting training and formulas out there are OUT-DATED. They simply don’t work anymore.


Because the world has changed and consumers are smarter than ever before.

Fancy words and creativity don’t sell like they did 20 years ago. If you want people to buy from you, you need to engage them psychologically. You need to hit the right subconscious triggers in their mind.

When you can do that, you only need...

That’s exactly what my 5-step copywriting formula is for.

It takes your prospect through the necessary psychological steps - and hits the right subconscious triggers in their mind. This is how you create sales-crushing copy.

When you can do that, getting clients becomes easy - and we’ll help you get plenty.

Over 1,150 Students All Over The World Have Completed Our 21-Day Challenge The Results Are Amazing...
  • Alena Plavsic No. 2
  • Andres Ibacache Valdes
  • Corey Dawson
  • David Dyer
  • Dennis Anau
  • Hao Tseng No.1
  • Hao Tseng No.2
  • Jesse Creel
  • Renee Remy
  • Joseph Tessling
  • Jyry Korkatti
  • Long Do
  • Alena Plavsic No.1
  • Ces Lorica
  • John Rolfe
  • Kevin Chavez
  • Ly Palang
  • Matthew E Stiles
Hard Truth About Making Money Online...
You Need To Master This #1 Skill FIRST Before You Even TRY To Start An Online Business... I Also Failed for 18 Months Until I Finally Learned The Following Formula...
Copy is everywhere.

Whenever you noticed, clicked, or bought something online - it was because of COPY.

That’s why copywriting is a skill that ANY entrepreneur must master. Without the skill of copywriting, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make money online. You need to know how to sell your products or services, period.

Copywriting is like the foundation of a house.

You can’t build a great house without a strong foundation - or it will crumble.

That’s exactly what happened to my first business. Before I discovered copywriting, I struggled for 18 months - and made ZERO money.

But I want you to learn from my mistakes.

By discovering my 5-step copywriting formula, making money online will never be a struggle for you. And best of all...

You don't even need to be a good writer to use it successfully!

...Even Though I’m a D- Writing Student.
...Even Though I Practically Hate Writing.

...I’ve Made Millions Using This Simple
5-Step Copywriting Formula
That Works For Every Entrepreneur

When I was in high-school...

I used to be an A+ student in everything else except writing.

I remember getting my first writing exam back with the grade D- stamped across it. The paper had a sea of red marks on it. But me being a dedicated student...

I decided to improve my bad writing.

But even I did it for MONTHS - I got ZERO results. After months of struggling to improve my writing, my teacher eventually told me...

“Anik, never become a writer. Please”

That’s how bad I was at writing.
But despite me always sucking at writing...

All with the #1 skill of copywriting.

But, I Had a Very Rough Beginning
When I Started My Online Business I Miserably Failed Over & Over For 18 Months…

I tried starting 10 different businesses in just 4 months! But all of them failed.

I felt like I was banging my head against the wall. My frustration and excessive working led to the point where even my health started to deteriorate.

That’s when I completely lost passion for building an online business.

But just when I was about to give up, a friend of mine introduced me to someone.

I was told he’s some kind of a “marketing expert”. His name was Justin Ford - and I was very excited to meet him. I was hoping he could help me sell my products.

Eventually, I got on a call with him.

Surprisingly, the call was nothing like I expected - because he told me something I will never forget...

The #1 Advice I Got
From a Florida Man That Led Me To Selling $250 Million By The Age of 36...

“Every Successful Business Person Must Be Able To Sell Through The Art of The Written Word”

Those were Justin’s exact words as I listened to him on the phone.

I had no idea what he was talking about. In fact, I was a little disappointed.

I thought he was going to help me sell my products, but he didn’t. Instead, he gave me advice that didn’t make ANY sense. But back then...

I really had nothing to lose by trying out his advice.

I had already tried everything else, so why not try this? So I took on Justin’s advice.

That’s when he offered to mentor me in copywriting. I was hesitant at first, but accepted. When he first started mentoring me, it was just small things here and there.

That’s when he offered to mentor me in copywriting. I was hesitant at first, but accepted. When he first started mentoring me, it was just small things here and there.

But little by little...

He started sharing more and more copywriting secrets with me.

As months and years went by, I got better and better. After just a year of working with him, I was already making over $1M in my business. Despite my success, I kept working with him.

But even after 18 months of working with him...

It still took me a few more years to really learn the skill. All in all, it took me 7 years to become a master-level copywriter.

It Took Me 7 Years To Start Writing
7-Figure Copy - I Can Get You There in 21 Days or LESS...

It took me 7 years because I was lacking a formula that even a beginner can use.

For you, it’s only going to take 21 days. My 5-step copywriting formula is so simple that even a beginner can master it in just 21 days - and be writing 7-figure copy INSTANTLY.

That’s because it’s RELEVANT.

You see, most copywriting formulas out there are OUT-DATED.

They’re following the same tricks and techniques that copywriters used 20 years ago. Today, we’re in a digitalized world where consumers are smarter than ever.

The same copy DOESN’T work.

Fancy words and creative copy doesn’t get people to buy anymore.

Nowadays, you need to take your prospects through the necessary psychological steps. You need to hit the right subconscious triggers that influence them to buy.

The 5 Step Formula
That Will Change Your Sales & Income Forever - All In Just 21 Days…

This formula is responsible for over $250M in sales - all before the age of 36!

I’ve been refining it for 17 years and now I’m revealing it to you. You can use it to create ANY kind of sales copy from sales letters, video sales letters to webinars...

...And it’s proven to work in ANY niche!

Best of all - it’s so simple that anyone can use it to write 7-figure copy!

I mean, I’m a D- English student who was told to NEVER write for a living. Yet, this formula has made me more money than I ever imagined.

So here are the 5 steps...

Step #1: Introduction

The main purpose of the introduction is to tell what’s in it for them.

That’s because we as humans have an attention span less than that of a goldfish.

A study made by Microsoft states that the attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds - whereas our attention span is only 8 seconds.

Telling your prospects what’s in it for them gets their attention. It works because people care about themselves the most.

So what happens after you get their attention?

You need to KEEP it. The easiest way to keep it is by creating “open loops”.

They’re information gaps that you fill in later in your presentation. That’s exactly why TV shows are so addicting.

Unfortunately, TOO MANY open loops can KILL the sale.

In the 21-day challenge, we’ll help you master open loops and make your prospects addicted to your copy - just like they’re addicted to their favorite TV show.

Step #2: Story

The main purpose of the story is to build RELATABILITY.

It’s done by sharing how you got to where you are - including the challenges you faced along the way.

Sadly, most people do this WRONG.

They build themselves up as the HERO of their story.

That actually turns their prospects off because they can’t relate to it. They’re not heroes themselves. People can only relate to you when you build yourself DOWN, not up.

You can’t be the Batman in your story.

Your SOLUTION is the Batman. You’re Robin, the lucky one who discovered Batman.

When you’re sharing your story, you should only talk about things that are related to discovering your solution. You can do that by sharing your story in steps.

A great story consists of the right steps and ingredients.

If you miss those steps and ingredients, your story will turn your prospects off.

In the 21-day challenge, we’ll show you the exact steps and ingredients you need for a powerful story - that keeps your prospects engaged all the way.

Step #3: Content

The purpose of this step is to build CREDIBILITY.

It’s done by giving your prospect A-HA moments. The more A-HA moments you can give, the more you will sell.

A-HA moment is a breakthrough in someone’s thought process.

You can create them by teaching your prospects something they didn’t already know.

When you give them enough A-HA moments, you don’t even have to build yourself up. They already know that you’re an expert. From that point on, selling is easy - because they will sell to themselves.

On the other hand, you can also LOSE the sale here.

If you give them TOO MANY a-ha moments, they’ll become confused - and confused people don’t buy.

The difference between what’s enough and what’s too many - lies in how you deliver them. In the 21-day challenge, we’ll show you the right way to deliver your AHA’s without confusing the prospect.

The answer lies in “Linear Thinking”...

Step #4: Transition

The transition is a BRIDGE between the content and pitch of your sales copy.

Here the conscious mind wakes up because you’re moving into the offer. In steps 1-3, you’re selling to the subconscious mind - but in steps 4-5, you’re selling to the conscious mind.

That’s why the purpose of this step is to answer. “Why am I asking you for money?”

It’s telling them why you’re presenting your offer - and why you’re asking their money for it. Even if it sounds simple, this is where you can LOSE the sale.

If your energy or voice tone changes...

The conscious mind will think that something is wrong.

Your prospects will feel that you don’t believe in your own product - which makes you lose credibility. It’s also important that you move away from the details in this step.

Details can raise objections to your prospect - which can be the death of the sale.

Step #5: Pitch

This is NOT where you get the sale.

This is where you CONFIRM the sale. If you’ve done a great job in the content, they’re already sold. The only thing they’re thinking about here is...


They want to know that the value of your offer is greater than the price.

They want to feel like they’re taking advantage of you. It’s basic human psychology.

That’s why everyone loves Black Fridays.

They will buy your offer if they know the price is far less than the value of it.

Does This 5-Step Formula Apply To You?
Can My Copywriting Challenge Help YOU Make Money Online?

Everyone follows the same psychological path when buying something.

That’s why this formula works in any industry, with any business - and with any target audience. Best of all - when you hit the right triggers in your prospects mind, you don’t even have to sell them...

...because they will sell themselves!

So here’s just some of the businesses my formula
has been proven to work with...
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • SaaS
  • eCommerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Information Products
  • Digital Publishing
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting

And so much more...

How Does Copywriting Make Money?
You Can Either Write Copy For Your Own Business & Build Your Own Funnels - Or - Make 6-Figures
A Year Filling In Templates as a Freelancer For Others...

Here’s how my students are making money with the 5-step copy formula - and how you can too!

Case Study #1:

Eric Jee Makes $20,000 a Month as a Freelance Copywriter -
Even Though English is His 2nd Language!

You can make money with copy by becoming a freelance copywriter.

That’s exactly what my student, Eric Jee did.

When Eric stumbled upon copywriting, he had just started his online business as an affiliate marketer. Despite his hard work and determination...

He wasn’t able to make ANY money during the first 12 months.

After endless struggle and frustration...

He discovered the lack of good sales copy was the #1 reason for his failure.

That’s when he scraped the last savings from his bank account and decided to invest in my copywriting course. After mastering my 5-step copy formula and becoming a freelance copywriter...

Best of all - he did it even ENGLISH is his SECOND language!

If someone whose first language isn’t English, can generate $3.3M in sales in just 10 months...

What’s stopping you from making unlimited money online?

Case Study #2:

Fred Lam Spent 3 Days Learning My 5-Step Copy Formula -
Went On To Make $1.5 Million In His First Product Launch...

You can also use copywriting to build your own business.

That’s exactly what my student Fred did. When I met him, he had just started his online business - but wasn’t satisfied with the results.

Luckily - I had been in his shoes.

I offered to coach him in copywriting, just like I had done myself.

We ended up spending 3 days together. When we started out, he had ZERO writing experience, English wasn’t his 1st language - and he even struggled to write a basic EMAIL.

Despite the challenges, I taught him my 5-step formula.

After 3 days of learning and doing - he went on to sell information products online.

In his first product launch, he made $1.5 MILLION! Fast forward to today, he’s gone on to make over $15 MILLION in sales - in just 4 short years!

During the last few years...

Fred has become the leading expert on eCommerce Coaching - and he’s also...

If Fred has made it this far with my formula - how far can you go?

Case Study #3:

Ippo Boporas Was Able To Make $9,000 a Month Using My Formula - Even While His Country Was Facing An Economic Crisis...

Another way to make money with copy is by becoming an affiliate.

An affiliate is someone who sells someone else's products for a commission. You do it by building an email list and sending daily emails to your list.

That’s what my student, Ippo did.

When I first met Ippo, his business was failing horribly.

Because he’s from Greece, his country was in a very tough economic situation.

His goal was to build a business that wasn’t reliant on the Greek Economy. A business he could run from home - that allows him more freedom & a better lifestyle.

Unfortunately, he knew NOTHING about business.

He wanted to know how to sell online - so I began to coach him on copywriting.

After implementing my formula and techniques... the midst of a VERY tough economic situation.

If he can thrive in an environment like this, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

The #1 Opportunity To Build
or Work From Home - Unlimited Freedom (Even Travel The World)…

Copywriting can also provide you with an amazing lifestyle.

Look at my student, Andy, for example. He’s travelling the world and making $50,000 a month while only working 2-3 hours a day! But it wasn’t always like that.

When I first met Andy, he already had a copywriting business.

At the time, I was looking for a copywriter - and I hired him. Back then, he was making about $3,000 to $5,000 a month on a GOOD month He wasn’t satisfied because he was writing all the copy himself and didn’t have much freedom.

He wanted to scale his business.

As we started working together, I started coaching him and taught him my 5-step copy formula.

Fast forward to today, my formula has been so powerful that...

Wouldn’t it be cool to work from anywhere you want, how much you want - while still making plenty of money?

That’s what you can achieve by joining the 21-Day Challenge and Conversion Academy.

What Am I Going To
Learn Inside The 21-Day Challenge
& Conversion Academy?

I’ll reveal my best-kept copywriting secrets that are responsible for over $250M in sales.

The 21-Day Challenge & Conversion Academy is the only copywriting program you’ll ever need.

Here’s why...

...everything you need to become a better copywriter than 80% of the world - in 21 days.

How Does Conversion Academy Work?
Here’s The 2 Steps To Getting Unlimited Coaching & Support...
Step #1: Complete The 21 Day Challenge

Asset #1 The Challenge Itself: What Exactly Do You Master During The 21-Day Challenge?

  • Creating Unique
  • Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines
  • Writing In a Visually Appealing Way
  • Writing Emails
    That Sell
  • Writing Mysterious Subheadlines
  • Writing Punchy
    Bullet Points
  • Structuring a
    Sales Page
  • The Difference Between
    Good Copy vs. Bad Copy
  • Writing Compelling
    Email Subject Lines

#1 - Daily - Step By Step Guided Videos

During the next 21 days, I’ll give you access to daily, bite-sized training videos - that gradually turn you into a better copywriter than 80% of the world.

After 21 days...

You’re equipped with the most developed copywriting training - that even professional copywriters don’t know about!

But we’re not going to leave it there.

This is NOT one of those courses where I just slap you with a bunch of theory and leave you on your own.

To make sure you REALLY master your new copywriting skills - I’ll give you a small implementation exercise every 3-4 days.

#2 - Simple Assignments To Take Action

We want you to monetize your new highly-valuable skills - and take them to the marketplace with confidence!

That’s why we give you simple “implementation assignments” every 3-4 days to sharpen your skills - and make sure you’re implementing the training correctly.

They’re very doable and we’ll give you enough time to complete them.

#3 - Unlimited Reviews of Your Work By
6-Figure Coaches...

Our coaches will review & critique your assignments.

They’re some of the world’s best copywriters - and they’ve all written copy that has sold MILLIONS.

They’ll give you improvement ideas on your assignments and keep you on the right track - by telling you what’s working and what’s not.

These coaches charge as much as $10,000 dollars... per individual coaching session, but you’re getting their expertise for FREE by joining the 21-day challenge. They’ll help you master copywriting in 21 days - and cut your learning curve in half.

Asset #2 Artificial Intelligence Software To Analyze Your Copywriting...

Headline Analyzer - Instantly Score & Improve Your Headlines

As a beginner, it’s hard to know if your copy is good or bad.

That’s why I’ve created the Headline Analyzer. It’s a software tool that mathematically measures whether your headlines are good or bad.

It gives you instant feedback to improve your headlines - and tells you what’s already working. It makes writing headlines EASY. Headlines are the most important part of any copy - and you’ll be well on your way to mastering them in 21 days!

Asset #3 Unlimited Coaching Access For 21 Days - We’ll Critique All Your Copywriting, Funnels & Marketing…

Our coaches have generated MILLIONS in sales with jaw-dropping copy.

They all have over 10,000 hours of copywriting experience. You get to pick their brains and give your copy to them for reviews & improvements. You’ll be writing 7-figure copy in no time with their help!

If you have current copy for them to review - expect your conversion rate to skyrocket!

Access To 6-Figure Copywriting Coaches
with Over 10,000+ Hours of Experience… Meet Our 6-Figure Coaches

Meet Anik Singal
President of Lurn Inc. Over $250M in sales since 2004.

$250M in sales for his own business & millions more for his clients!

Been Copywriting Since 2003.

Anik Singal is a marketing genius and the owner of - along with 7 other 6-figure+ companies.

He has 17 years of copywriting experience, and has partnered with entrepreneurs such as Robert Kiyosaki, Daymond John, Bob Proctor - and many more!

Anik’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build a profitable online business - by mastering the skills of copywriting, conversion & funnels.

His goal for 2020 is to help 100,000 entrepreneurs master these skills - and enjoy the unlimited freedom and wealth they bring.

Meet Misha Hettie
8-Figures In Sales For Clients

Misha Hettie is a copywriter & communications strategist - who cannot escape her strong "oldest kid" tendencies to plan, improve, lead and teach.

Over the last few years, she has helped hundreds of eager students grow from total beginners to confident, competent, and profitable writers.

Misha has generated up to 8-figures in sales for her clients - and she’ll coach you to do the same!

Meet Eric Jee
Over $3.3 Million in Sales - English is His 2nd Language!

Been Copywriting Since 2017

Eric Jee, also known as the "Asian Copy Maniac," is a highly sought-after copywriter.

He has written copy for heavy-hitters such as Robert Kiyosaki, several Russell Brunson's 2CC-Award Entrepreneurs, the late Clayton Makepeace - and Oscar-Winning Hollywood Makeup Artists.

He has generated well over $3.3M in sales in just 10 months.

Meet Mladen Stojanovic
Over $15 Million in Sales for Clients

Been Copywriting Since 2015

Mladen Stojanovic is a direct-response copywriter & marketer.

His specialty is creating sales-crushing copy for companies like,, Dr. Charles Livingston, Wilco De Kreij, Dr. Ron Friedman and many more!

He’s married & a father of one.

Nowadays, he’s also focused on sharing his insights and knowledge with entrepreneurs & copywriters - on how to create killer sales copy.

Meet Mike Humphreys
Over $20 Million in Sales for Clients

Been Copywriting Since Year 2006

After years of running and marketing his own businesses, Mike started writing copy for others.

Within 2 months, he had enough client work to become a full-time copywriter. Fast forward to today, he’s worked with clients such as The Oxford Club, Agora Financial, Wealth Press and many others.

Meet Brian Cassingena
Over $35 Million in Sales for Clients

Been Copywriting Since Year 2003

Brian Cassigena is a best-selling author, international speaker and an A-level copywriter. He’s the former chief copywriter of companies like Mindvalley, AdSkills, Bob Proctor and many others.

Last year alone, his copy generated $4,256,957 in sales for clients.

He’s the author of the book “Email Resurrection”. He’s shared the stage with famous copywriters such as Drayton Bird, John Carlton, Bond Halbert and many others.

Here’s What Hundreds of
Students Have To Say About Our 21-Day Challenge…
Step #2: Get Access To Unlimited Critiques, Coaching & Support - Every Day, Every Week, Every Month!

Asset #4Unlimited Daily, Weekly, Monthly Copywriting Critiques, Coaching & Support From The World’s Best Coaches...

  • Get your copywriting related questions answered
  • Analyze copy together with our A-level copywriting coaches
  • Always know what to improve to make your copy better
  • Learn to avoid the biggest conversion-killing mistakes
  • Build your own funnels with the help of our 6-figure coaches
  • Write copy together with 7-figure copywriters LIVE

#1 - Copy Tuesday - We Meet Every Tuesday To
Review, Write & Hang Out...

Every Tuesday, we’ll meet for a 3-4 hour coaching call

where our 6-figure coaches will...

  • Give feedback on your copy...
  • Improve & write your copy together...
  • Answer your copy-related questions...

Just imagine...

  • 7-figure copywriters making your copy 10x more powerful before you submit it to your client...
  • Writing your emails, funnels and sales pages together to make your launches successful...
  • Tweaking your current copy to make it convert better (it can mean THOUSANDS of extra dollars on your bottom line)

This is what you can expect at Copy Tuesdays. Don’t miss out on these!

#2 - 24/7 Access To Forum & Community For
Coaches & Peer Reviews. Over 500 Active Members
To Connect With!

This is NOT one of those communities where everyone is silent.

It’s the complete OPPOSITE!

Our students are constantly working together to improve their skills - and you can join them to improve yours!

They’re regularly leaving helpful comments and improvement ideas for each other’s copy - including yours.

Some of them even plan their own marketing campaigns in the forum to make sure they’re successful!

Our community will also keep you accountable to your goals.

Whenever you’re having challenges, doubts or questions about anything copy-related, our students will help you out.

You don’t want to miss out on being part of the Conversion Academy FAMILY!

Asset #5 Monthly Challenges To Improve Your Copy & Conversion Skills Every Single Month...
Access All Past Challenges + New Ones Coming Out...

We’ll give you a fun challenge every month so you’re constantly improving and gaining new A-HA moments.

After every challenge, we’ll announce a winner based on the assignments submitted. The winner will be awarded with AMAZING prizes such as iPad’s, Free Courses & Lurn Nation Apparel!

We’ll even give away CASH PRIZES!

So here are the challenges we’re having...

  • April Challenge: Writing Powerful Autoresponders
  • May Challenge: Making High-Converting Opt-in Pages
  • June Challenge: Writing Click-Happy Facebook Ads
  • July Challenge: Writing a Sales Letter Narrative
  • August Challenge: Writing a Powerful Story

...Many more months to be announced soon.

As a member of Conversion Academy, you’ll also get access to the previous challenges you’ve missed out on.

All of the assignments will be reviewed by our top-level copywriting coaches - to ensure that your copy skills continue to improve!

Asset #6 Build Funnels, Write Copy & Get Inside The Head of a $250 Million Copywriter! Be a Part of All The Planning... Join Anik Singal As He Builds All His Funnels & Writes His Copy...

Get a “behind-the-scenes” access to see how I write copy, build funnels and plan my campaigns LIVE.

You get to see how a $250 million copywriter thinks, acts and feels when he’s writing copy. Adopt my thoughts about copywriting - and you’ll be one step closer to writing 7-figure copy yourself.

You’ll also get exclusive access to a 7-part video series of our previous LIVE trainings.

In the 7-part video series...

I build an ENTIRE new business, funnel and copy from start to finish - and you get to watch how I do it!

Watch the video below to see what our members are saying about these hands-on training sessions!

Asset #7 Monthly Newsletters Written By Anik Singal To Help You Get The Latest & Greatest In The Conversion World...

Available ONLY To Conversion Academy Members...

I’ll keep you in the loop by delivering all the new discoveries about copywriting, conversion & funnels.

I’ll also be sharing my best strategies to creating high-converting copy for your own business. You’ll even get access to some of the million-dollar case studies we’ve done inside the company!

Here’s a sneak-peak of the tips, strategies and case studies I’ll be sharing with you...

  • April Newsletter: How We Made $4,000,000 in Affiliate Commission - In Just 2 Weeks!
  • May Newsletter: How to Create High-Converting Action Pages in 15 Minutes or Less
  • June Newsletter: How to Get Your First 3 Copywriting Clients
  • July Newsletter: 5 Tips to Writing Powerful Facebook Ads
  • August Newsletter: 7 Ways to Create Viral YouTube Videos

...Many more months to be announced soon.

Here’s What Our Conversion Academy Members Have To Say About Our On-Going, Month To Month Training…
  • Shourya Raghav
  • Tony Herman
  • Vivian So
  • Felipe Martinez
  • Tommy Schutzenhoffer
  • Natalie J Evans
  • John Atteh
  • Richard Abankwa
  • Carla Lewis
  • Doug Keehan
  • Denise Renee
  • Kevin Patterson
Plus, Get $13,973 In Free Bonuses
Just For Joining the 21-Day Challenge!
FREE BONUS #1: 7-Figure Fill-In-The-Blank Templates & Checklists
(Total Value: $2,997)

Copywriting is NOT about being a wordsmith.

It’s NOT about being creative - it’s simply taking what works and modifying it.

The best copywriters in the world - including me - use templates in their work. That’s because they WORK. When you have the right formulas and templates to follow...

“Writer's block” will never be a problem.

The only thing you need to worry about is typing words - and the templates do it for you.

To give you a quickstart in copywriting, you’ll get ALL of my copywriting templates as a FREE bonus. I’ve put these templates together after 17 years of experience.

I’ve picked the best headlines, email subject lines, emails and opt-in pages - and combined them into a package that even a beginner can use… write 7-figure copy in 21 days or less.

FREE BONUS #2: Copywriting Academy - 11 Foundational Courses To Shape Your Entire Copywriting Career
(Total Value: $3,997)

Want to know EVERYTHING when it comes to copywriting?

Well, this is for you - The Encyclopedia of Copywriting. I’ve stacked all of my best copywriting courses into a single academy that has 11 different modules.

In this academy, you’ll get a deeper look into the world of copywriting…

...and you’ll never need a single course again!

Here are all the 11 courses you’re going to get...

  • #1: The Fundamentals of Copy
    • How to Write High-Converting Copy in The Digital World...
    • The Difference Between Conscious vs. Subconscious Selling...
    • The Steps to Becoming a Great Storyteller - FAST...
  • #2: Building Action Pages
    • 5 Things ALL Action Pages Must Have - or Everything Will Fail...
    • How to Create High-Converting Webinar Registration Pages...
    • The #1 Secret I Use to Boost My Conversions - Most Copywriters Have NEVER Heard About This...
  • #3: Writing High-Converting Emails
    • The 3 Kinds of Emails - And How to Build a TRUE Relationship...
    • The 3 Main Purposes of an Email - Most People Get These WRONG...
    • How to Write Subject Lines That Leave an “Open Loop” - And Gets Opened...
  • #4: Written Sales Letters
    • The #1 Conversion Key - Most Sales Letters Are Missing This Completely!
    • The Simple 9-Step Formula I Use - Even a Beginner Can Master This!
    • The Steps to Follow Before Writing - Skipping These Could Cause a Disaster...
And 7 more modules that focus on...

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#1: Hook Generation Bootcamp: Create a strong marketing message that stands out and hooks your prospects attention.

In the modern world, you need to stand out from your competitors. Without a unique, compelling hook, even the world’s best copywriters can’t produce great results.

A hook is like the foundation of a house.

Without a strong foundation, the house will crumble down.

You don’t want your copy to crumble. That’s what the Hook Generation Bootcamp is for. It helps you build the foundation of your copy - The Hook.

#2: The 5-Step Copy Formula: Master the 5-step formula I’ve used to sell over $250M online.

You need to influence your prospect on a psychological level. Fancy words aren’t enough.

This formula engages your prospect psychologically - and hits the right subconscious triggers in their mind. Everything you need to turn them into buyers.

If you’ve ever thought what it’d be like to sell millions without ever opening your mouth...

This formula is the answer. I’ve sold over $250M online using this formula alone - without opening my mouth a single time.

#3: The Death of Direct Marketing: Digitalization has shifted the consumer’s mind - and the rules of marketing have changed.

Adapt to the new environment by mastering what I call “Interactive Marketing”. It’s about building relationships with your prospects - and knowing them even better than they know themselves!

When you follow the principles of Interactive Marketing...

  • You’ll know their fears, needs & challenges...
  • You’ll know how to get their attention INSTANTLY...
  • You’ll know what words, stories and content to share...
  • You’ll no longer need fancy words or creativity to sell...

“Interactive Marketing” makes selling easier than ever!

#4: Emails That Sell: Email has an average ROI of 4,200% - and I’m going to help you harness that.

I’ll show you the best subject lines, stories and contents that are proven to build true relationships - so you can start to enjoy this money-printing machine.

Email is the building block of my business & my whole career as an entrepreneur.

In fact, at one point in my career, I neglected the power of email - and fell $1.7 Million in debt. I climbed out of it by getting back to the building block of my business...


In this course - I’ll show you the formula I’ve used to climb out of mounting debt - and create $250M in sales.

#5: Funnel Bootcamp: Get my 10 “conversion keys” for building profitable funnels.

Funnels can double, triple or even QUADRUPLE your business.

They can generate more leads - and convert them into high-paying customers. They build relationships with your prospects - and slowly warm them up to buy from you.

You’ll be able to target even those who didn’t buy from you in the past!

In this course, I’ll share 10 “conversion keys” I’m using to build $25 million funnels!

#6: Data Masters Bootcamp: Peter Drucker famously said: “What gets measured gets managed.

Marketing is not a matter of creativity - it’s a matter of data.

Without tracking and utilizing data, all marketing efforts are useless.

When you know how to track and utilize data, you can make smarter decisions. You’ll always know how to increase your conversions - and tackle the root problems in your marketing.

In this bootcamp..

You’ll learn how to make smart, data-driven decisions in your marketing - without losing time or money by focusing on the wrong things.

FREE BONUS #4: Funnel Directory (Funnels can MULTIPLY your business.)
(Total Value: $3,997)

They give your prospects a chance to buy from you at their own pace.

You’ll never have to worry about turning them off by being too salesy or pushy. They’ll come to you when they’re ready.

And when they do - they’re hungry to buy.

That’s because you’ve warmed them up throughout the funnel.

It’s proven that most people won’t buy from you the first time. With a funnel, you’ll have access to those people. You can communicate with them more effectively - and give them the information they need to buy.

That maximizes your sales - and I bet you don’t mind that!

If you join Conversion Academy today...

You’ll get all your funnels done for you, ready to go! You just need to plug in your products, services & offers.

You’ll get access to 10 “plug-and-play” funnels in 10 different niches - with 5 live examples in each niche. We’re also adding tons of new funnels for you in the upcoming months.

So here are just some of the niches we’ll be covering in our funnels...

  • Dating & Relationships
  • Investing & Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Spirituality
  • Bodybuilding
  • Tech
  • Real Estate
  • Pets
  • Make Money Online
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Option #2:

Do nothing.

Keep doing what you’ve always done.

  • Keep putting in hours of work without making a DIME...
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