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Why Is Anik Singal One of
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  • Been Paid as High as $160,000 For a Video Script
  • Over $200 Million in Sales (Writing My Own Copy)
  • Currently Leading 6 Companies!
  • Taught Copywriting To Over 50,000 Students
  • Have Sold Digital Products, Coaching, eCommerce & Much More Using Copywriting!

And now, Anik Singal is taking the #1 skill behind his success and teaching ALL marketers - all for a very tiny enrollment fee!

15 years ago I was sitting in my dorm room trying to finally see some success online. I was hustling day and night but not seeing ANY success. That was when someone introduced me to someone: Justin Ford… 

Justin tried convincing me for over 6 months to become an INTERN of his and learn copywriting, I laughed every time. 

I kept telling him how much I HATE writing. I never wanted to write for a living. 

That was when he said something that I felt was maybe the MOST wise thing I had ever heard. He said: “Every successful business person must be able to sell through the art of the written word.” 

Following that - he offered me a Free trip to Delray Beach to attend a copywriting workshop. Honestly, I just wanted a free trip to a beach so I said yes!

It was there that I found out he was the BROTHER of Mark Ford, better known as “Michael Masterson:” one of the best copywriters to have ever lived.

That was when I decided to take a chance.

I finally said yes to Justin for learning how to write copy. In the coming months, he completely changed my life and business. Little did I know, my business began to completely take off.

I’ve never looked back - ever.

I always thank God for having put me in the right place at the right time. I am so grateful that I ended up having someone push me so much to learn copywriting.

If it wasn’t for that - there is no chance I would be where I am today in my life.

So, that leads me to a question for you...

...or do you want to step up and make the right decision right NOW! 

I was literally one YES or NO decision away 15 years ago from determining the entire future of my life. Had I not agreed to learn copywriting, I would have truly never succeeded online.

The reason I’m devoting the next 12 months to teaching copywriting is because I realize it’s the #1 skill EVERY Entrepreneur needs! 

...too many Entrepreneurs are making the mistake of skipping this step and trying to jump straight to the business. 

Well, you can have the best business model in the World... can have the most TRAFFIC in the World...

...but with BAD Copywriting, you don’t stand a chance. Period.

Now, it’s not enough to just want to learn copywriting, it makes a BIG difference WHO you learn from and WHAT you learn.

In that department, I have some bad news...

Let’s get something straight right away…

I have nothing but respect for all our iconic copywriting gurus who have been teaching us for decades now. I have learned from them in the past and I know how successful they’ve been…


The thing is that the INTERNET has changed SELLING completely. And, so the systems that worked 20 years ago in copywriting DO NOT work anymore. And, to my surprise, no one is really teaching the new model.

As a matter of fact - much of what was taught 20 years ago flat out does not work anymore.

Proven By A Study Done By Microsoft...

In 2015, Microsoft did a study that is kind of embarrassing for us...

The study showed that an average human now has the attention span of about 8 seconds. To put that into perspective, even GOLDFISH have attention spans of 9 seconds.

Humans, now have less attention span than a goldfish.

This is all in the last 15+ years.


The Internet.

In the window of less than a minute, we’re seeing dings and bings all around us, all the time. Our attention is constantly being dragged away.

No matter what, we almost always have something BETTER to be doing than what we are at that moment. So, why is this a problem for a marketer? Well...


If it’s becoming harder and harder to keep someone’s attention, then obviously something has to change on your end. Well, direct marketing can’t do it anymore.

Direct marketing is dying because here’s what direct marketing always has been:

  • Cold Calls - dying
  • Billboards - dead
  • Physical Mail - dying FAST
  • Infomercials - dying (thanks Netflix)
  • Door to door sales - dead (we don’t even open doors for anyone anymore)

So, tell me something - if the FORM of copywriting from 20 years ago has died wouldn’t that logically mean that the WAY we copywrite would be dead too?

The Internet has changed it all.

So, now we have a new SYSTEM to rely on when writing copy. This assures that no matter what the attention span, you can get the sale!

Copywriting is all about JOURNEY.

Selling is all about JOURNEY.

These 5 steps assure that you’re taking your consumer through the perfect psychological journey, one that automatically guides them into a purchasing decision.

If you want to NAIL the journey, focus on the PURPOSE of each of these 5 steps. Here’s what I mean...

Step #1: Introduction: How To Start Your Copy...
The Purpose: “What’s in it for them?”

Consumers have become very demanding today.

Because they have so many choices at their fingertips, they don’t just want to be sold anymore. They actually want to LEARN something or have an AH HA moment just from your sales process alone!

So, right in the beginning of your message - within seconds - you need to tell them what they’ll get from consuming your sales material (right then and there, not later).

Remember, if your introduction is not powerful - the rest of the copy could be amazing and you still don’t have a chance!

Step #2: Story: “Can They Relate To YOU - Batman vs. Robin”
The Purpose: Establish RELATABILITY.

Most people run in this section of copywriting to talking about themselves.

We instantly think that story is all about US. We think that the story is supposed to be about OUR life journey. But, worst of all, many use the story to talk about all the AWARDS they’ve won and big things they done…

But, this all actually works against you.

Let me ask you a simple question - think about Batman.

If I come to you and say: “Hey, you should fight crime at night, Batman does it, why don’t you?”  Your answer to me will likely be…

I’m not Batman.”

Exactly. So, you can’t relate at all with Batman.  But, what about ROBIN?  What if I asked you to just drive Batman down the street so he could fight crime?

You’d be 100% IN - right?

The key in the STORY section is to tell the story of discovering your product, not your personal story.  You need to make sure someone can RELATE to you.

You need to be AVERAGE and NORMAL - not Batman.

Make your story exciting by showing just how tough it was to find your product or solution.

By the time I get done teaching you how to tell stories, trust me - not just copywriting - you’ll become the person who has crowds around them at every dinner party you visit!

Step #3: Content: “You’re Smart? Prove It. Show Me Something…”
Purpose: Build Credibility Through Content (Not Hype)

Now, 20 years ago, you were taught to NEVER put content into your marketing, but that’s not going to work anymore.

The consumer has gotten too smart today. If all you have is hype, you’re never going to sell.

Remember, the consumer has too many choices today. They can easily hit the BACK button. The consumer is demanding that they get AH HA moments and learn something JUST from your copywriting alone.

So, the key to getting a sale in your sales message is to make sure you create at least 3 to 5 “AH HA” moments in your copywriting.

That’s right.

You need to now deliver value, show your expertise and prove to the consumer through your CONTENT that you have amazing knowledge for them.

In my training, I show you how to do this using a few key elements:

  • Linear thinking…
  • Diagrams…
  • Focusing on the WHAT, not HOW…

Remember one thing: The sale happens in the CONTENT section. If you don’t get the sale here, it’s lost forever.

Step #4: Transition: “I thought we were friends? You want my money? Purpose: Answer the WHY...


I see TOO many sales get LOST during the shortest part of a sales presentation, the transition. The bottomline is this:

If you’ve done a great job in the first 3 steps of copywriting, the consumer is falling in love with you by now. But, then suddenly, you’re about to ask them for money - things get uncomfortable fast.

But, remember, today’s consumer is a SMART consumer.

So, do the following quick and do it efficiently and you’re going to SEAL THE SALE.

Explain to them quickly WHY you have to charge them money?

Be realistic and be truthful. This is the easiest way to set your consumer up in the right mindset before you go into the pitch.

Step #5: Pitch: “If I give you $1, you better give me $10 back!”
Purpose: Build Intense Value

We buy off of value.

So, the oldest myth in copywriting is that the sale happens during the pitch. But, that’s not true at all. Actually, by the time someone is even reading your PITCH, they’ve already been SOLD.

Imagine, by this time, if your product ended up being FREE - wouldn’t 100% of your customers “buy?” 

If they’re still there - it means they’ve been sold. But, the key is that the pitch is where you CONFIRM a sale.  Confirmation happens through only one thing:  EXTREME VALUE.

The consumer is left thinking just one thing: Is this product worth the money they’re asking for?

Remember one thing, at the heart, all consumers are GREEDY.  They want to feel like they’re getting at least 10 times their money back from you.

We make buying decisions purely off of what we think something we’re buying is going to do for us. So, if you can establish ridiculous value in the pitch - you’re done. You’ve successfully sold.

How do you do this?

  • Hit every major pain point and make it clear you have a SOLUTION…
  • Stack value through amazing bonuses…
  • Establish the HIGH value of each element of your value…
  • Create urgency by showing them the deal is going!

The pitch is typically the largest part of your copy - but it’s almost always the same formula!

Today, the copywriting system has become so formulaic and powerful...

Today, copywriting has become all about the JOURNEY, not the words...

Give me just 6 weeks and I promise to completely transform your ability to sell - I’ll help you master the art of copywriting!

I’ve specifically designed this 6 week curriculum to be an excellent crash course on ALL the types of copywriting that you probably face at some point in your marketing career:

  • Writing Emails
  • Creating Action Pages (To Capture Leads)
  • Written Sales Letters
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Webinars

...and so much more!

Remember, I keep telling you that once you master copywriting, you’ll become a master communicator and influencer - it’ll impact EVERY part of your life (even your personal life)!

Session #1: The Psychology of Copywriting & The Death of Direct Marketing (Completely Different From 10 Years Ago)...

First we start with the CORE basis. I need to teach you how marketing has changed and evolved over the last 20 years.  It’s completely changed.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how direct marketing has now become INTERACTIVE marketing and just how YOU can succeed even easier in this new marketing. This is the FIRST time in the World that a program will focus on “interactive marketing” - it’s never been taught before...

  • How to deploy and master “MICRO Commitment” Marketing...
  • How to GET someone’s attention in 5 seconds of LESS and KEEP it...
  • The power of PERMISSION-Based marketing & how to use it online today...
  • The true psychology of selling someone - it’s not what you think!
  • The #1 reason someone watches a PITCH today & how to use that for your benefit!

This may be our MOST powerful session in the entire series, it’s here that you’re going to learn just how powerful copywriting has become…

Also, here you’ll learn just how much simpler copywriting has become.

What you learn in Session #1 alone has never been taught before - ever!

Session #2: The 3 Templates To Writing Powerful Emails...
(How To Write Powerful Broadcasts & Autoresponder Emails)...

I’ve sent over 1.4 Billion Emails in my career...

Emails are still king and in my opinion always will be…

I’m tired of the “Gurus” talking about how Email is dead - all so they can just promote their own “new fad.” The funny thing is that they promote that email is dead...using...Email.

So, the truth is that ANY marketer, whether online or offline, you need to master Email writing. It’s one of the easiest ways to practically PRINT money. But, many are afraid of Emails, well, I’m going to simplify it during this Masterclass...

Here are the types of Emails you’re going to master...

  • Content Emails
  • Story Emails
  • Promotional Emails
  • Hybrid Emails

I’ll show you the templates that I myself use - you’re welcome to just rinse and repeat!

Session #3: How To Write Killer Action Pages To Rapidly Get Conversions... (Opt-in Pages, Webinar Reg Pages, Lead Forms)...

So, in just the last 6 years, I’ve built an Email list of over 5 million leads

The one thing I probably write the MOST are “ACTION” pages. I feel like I’m constantly putting together pages such as:

  • Webinar Registration Pages
  • Email Opt-in Pages
  • Lead Pages
  • Quiz Pages

These are all pages that are created to get rapid fire “micro-commitments” from your site visitors. The purpose is to get the Email address so you can follow up in the future.

I use very simple templates. I’ve split tested on over $10 Million of ad buying. I will show you my top converting action pages and exactly WHAT makes them so powerful.

...As a copywriter, if all you mastered were great action pages, that alone could earn you multiple 6-figures!

Session #4: Written Sales Letters - The Simple & Fast Formula To Sales... (The Model & Template I Use Every Time)...

I estimate that I’ve sold well over 100,000 low-ticket products. I’ve sold all kinds in many niches and I’ve been doing it since 2006.

  • Free + S&H Book Offers
  • Low Ticket Online Programs
  • Audio Books
  • Cheat Sheet Packages
  • Online Summits

The written sales letter has been around since the Internet started and it’s going nowhere. As a matter of fact, with the recent BOOM in low-ticket products, it’s making a big comeback.

The 5-step formula applies perfectly to great written sales letters (WSLs). These are perfect to help you start building a FUNNEL, a FLOW of BUYER leads.

Any amazing marketer will always have a series of low-ticket products to keep new “blood” coming into their company.

I’ll publicly break-down my #1 converting low-ticket sales page and show you exactly why and how it converts!

Session #5: Video Sales Letters - How To Create Killer Video Sales Messages (I’ll Even Teach How To Make Videos with ZERO Scripts)...

More and more people are really starting to watch VIDEOS online. With the explosion especially if video services like Netflix, Hulu and ON-Demand, I feel people are watching more videos today than ever before.

Well, if you have a product or service online - there is no doubt that you will want to use VIDEOS to promote it.

Videos are the easiest ways to promote products between the price ranges of $27 and $97. And these funnels can be ultimately superior to other funnels.

The 5 step formula was actually INVENTED by the VSL for me.

It fits perfectly.

I’ll show you my BEST VSLs and show you the exact narrative and story-line I use for almost all my VSLs. There are 3 different kinds of VSLs you can ever create:

  • Story VSL
  • Documentary VSL
  • Content VSL

I’ll reveal the formula for each and every one of them!

Session #6: Webinars - Selling Products That Are $997 or More...
(Same Repeated Formula - Copy & Paste My Webinars)...

Now, for my pride and joy.

I was once told that I’m probably one of the top 5 in the World at creating and delivering webinars online. Personally, I’ve sold at least $150 Million worth of products by using webinars.

It remains my #1 choice of copywriting.

The biggest problem though is that there are almost NO good webinar copywriters in the World today. That is exactly why I am making it a mission to teach more and more webinar copywriters in the next 12 months.

I use webinars for a variety of different kinds of offers:

  • Product sales above $497
  • Lead generation for my sales team…
  • Selling $4,997 products to warm audiences…
  • And much much more...

I’ll show you my #1 webinar I’ve ever written that is now responsible for well over $30 Million in sales (and climbing)…

This 5 step formula we go over couldn’t be more perfect than it is for webinars!

#1: Will You Be Able To Actually Write Copy After This 6 Weeks?

We’re not just going to learn theory, but we’re going to dive into LIVE examples of great copywriting. I’ll break it all down and make it very formulaic.

As long as you do the following, you’ll be able to write copy by the end of our Masterclass:

  • Attend EVERY workshop…
  • Ask questions…
  • Master the PSYCHOLOGY of the 5 Steps…
  • Follow the MODELS I give you and replace your words where I’ve put mine…

I can’t promise you’ll be a STAR copywriter but I can promise you that you’ll be ahead of 99% of those who call themselves copywriters - all from just this workshop!

#2: Full Interactive Learning Experience - I’ll Be Teaching Copy, Reviewing Your Copy, & Even Writing My Own Copy...

So, on these workshops, I’ll not only be diving into my OWN copy but I’ll give a chance to review yours. I’ll be dissecting existing examples of great copywriting to break down the psychology and patterns for you.

We’ll have our sessions be interactive, where you can also ask me questions and participate in the training!

I believe that just THEORY and TRAINING are never enough. We have to roll up our sleeves and actually start doing.

Every week, I’ll leave you with a few homework assignments so that you can keep your training going even after we finish!

#3: Copy & Model My Own Copywriting - I’ll Be Revealing
My Best Pages...

For each session, I’ll reveal some of my best copywriting samples:

  • Emails
  • Action Pages
  • Written Sales Letters
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Webinars

This way, your training will be off of copywriting that has been PROVEN to convert. I believe that the best way to learn how to write copy is to MODEL after existing pieces of excellent copywriting.

I have NO problem with you modeling behind my best copywriting.

But, until today, I’ve never actually revealed my best copywriting to the World - well, I will during this Copywriting Masterclass!

#4: Never Being Done Again - My Next Copywriting Course
Will Be $1,497...

I’m currently working on my Version 2.0 of Copywriting Academy and it’s going to be simply epic. However, it’s also going to be at least $1,497.

Now, here’s the thing…

  1. I’ll never do a Masterclass like this for $97 again.
  2. ALL Masterclass students will get a STEEP discount to my Copywriting Academy program...
  3. All of my copywriting education starting in a few months is going to START at $1,497.

This is going to be your only chance to get copywriting training with me for as little as $97.

Whatever you do, don’t miss out - grab your seat now!

#1: Emails - Broadcasting & Autoresponders
...After Sending 1.4 Billion Emails.

There are 4 kinds of Emails I like to send to my lists. I’ve literally sent well over 1.4 BILLION Emails in my life.

Let me repeat that number again - 1.4 BILLION Emails sent.

All of them break down into basically one of FOUR styles of Emails:

  1. Content Emails
  2. Story Emails
  3. Promotional Emails
  4. Hybrid Emails

During this Copywriting Masterclass, I will invest an entire two-hour training sessions showing you how to write EACH of these types of Emails.

I firmly believe that you never need any other form of Email - so once you master these, you’ll be able to generate millions in sales!

Actually, then the only thing you’ll need is more traffic so you can get more subscribers!

#2: Action Pages - Writing Opt-in & Lead Pages
...After Collecting 5 Million+ Emails...

In just the last few years, I’ve collected well over 5 million Email leads - all through a few kind of ACTION pages:

  • Webinar Registration Pages
  • Email Subscription Pages
  • Cart Abandonment Pages
  • Sales Team Lead Pages

I’m going to show you an example of all of these and exactly how I make all my pages convert so well!

I’ve split tested over $10 Million in bought traffic - so you’ll know that the results I’m showing you are by far the best!

#3: Written Sales Letters - How to Sell Low-Ticket Products...
...After Selling 100,000+ Products at 7%+ Conversions.

100,000+ Low Ticket Products Sold in My Career…

These have been a total game-changer for my business. Selling products between $1 and $10 can give a business new-life.

You get a chance to build an Email list of ACTIVE buyers (there’s never anything better).

  • Free + S&H Book Offers
  • Low Ticket Online Programs
  • Audio Books
  • Cheat Sheet Packages
  • Online Summits

The written sales letter is the BEST tool today to help create IMPULSE purchases on cold audience traffic.

My written sales letters are converting between 7 and 10% right now - even on cold traffic from Facebook and Google Ads. I’ll reveal these pages and show you exactly how!

#4: Video Sales Letters - Easily Selling Mid-Ticket Products…
...After Selling Millions Without Reading/Writing Scripts.

My favorite thing about VSLs is that I can shoot 7-figure VSLs in about 20 minutes flat.

I mean this.

I shoot a new VSL at least every month.  The LEAST converting one in my life has still earned me over $300,000 in sales.

But, my favorite part about VSLs is that once you master the 5-step formula, you can record these without ever writing a SINGLE word on a script.

That’s why I can just jump onto a camera and film within 20 minutes or less and be DONE.

There are only 3 kinds of VSLs you ever need to learn, and I’ll be teaching them all here:

  • Story VSL
  • Documentary VSL
  • Content VSL

We’ll go over each of these during the Copywriting Masterclass!

#5: Webinars - Selling Products That Are $997 or More...
...After Selling $150 Million+ with Webinars.

I’ve sold at least $150 Million worth of products by using webinars.

If you can learn to write great webinars, there is an amazing world of Opportunity for you - big time.

You’re going to learn how to write killer webinars to use for all kinds of offers:

  • Product sales above $497
  • Lead generation for my sales team…
  • Selling $4,997 products to warm audiences…
  • And much much more...

I’ll even show you and dissect my #1 webinar I’ve ever written that is now responsible for well over $30 Million in sales (and climbing)…

In May, 2019 - I declared that I’m going to invest the next 12 months in teaching everyone in #LurnNation copywriting, by far the #1 skill needed for every Entrepreneur. Well, that means I have a line-up of amazing products coming out.

Currently, I’m working on Version 2.0 of my Copywriting Academy program and it’s going to be by far the most complete copywriting course ever put together.

However, the catch? It’s going to START at $1,497.

That will be the LOWEST copywriting training price I have.  Starting soon, I will have copywriting training programs that range from $1,497 to $19,997.

So, if you want to learn my FORMULA from me directly for as low as $7 - this is your only opportunity. Do it now, get involved before it’s too late.

I will NOT do this again.

Whatever you do, don’t miss out - grab your seat now!

The reason I am applying this HARD LIMIT on how many students we allow is because I want to be able to interact and engage with you when you’re on.

If we sell 1000s of seats, it’ll be too crowded and the training won’t be nearly as good.

I may do this training again in the future, however, the price of it will be much higher.

So, what’s it going to be?

Enough reading.  Decision time.

I think it’s a pretty easy decision. Come on. It’s $7. This could be the very training that completely changes your life. But, hey, it’s up to you!