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If you’re an online entrepreneur or marketer, you know how important video is to your business.

We use a ton of video in both our marketing and our content here at Lurn...
  • Online Courses
  • Video Ads on
    Facebook & YouTube
  • Podcast Videos
  • Content Videos on
    Social media
  • Landing Page Videos
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Webinars

And in the past, we’ve used some combination of Microsoft Powerpoint, Apple Keynote, or Google Slides to create our presentations.

Using any of those tools, we often had to rely on an expensive graphic design team to make it look nice, add images and get the formatting just right.

That’s why when I saw this new tool, Prezentar, I knew I had to share it with you.

We haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure we will at some point!

Just look at how easy it is to use…

3 Easy Steps To Create A Mind-Blowing, Engaging
Presentations With Prezentar.

Step 1: Pick A Template

Select from 50 ready made templates, that include 500 content slides across a huge variety of niches for your next campaign.

All the template have been hand-created by Prezentar’s top professional designers!

Step 2: Customize It

Change backgrounds, add animations, magical effects, logos, images, edit text, new sections, slides, objects, record audio, add music, and so much more…

And do it all right inside the software in just a few clicks!

No need to use multiple programs to create multimedia effects.

Step 3: Download & Share

Export your presentations as an EBOOK, VIDEO or online HTML Viewer, ready to show the world!

Instantly share to the web, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter in seconds!

With Prezentar, You Can Quickly Create
Jaw-Dropping Presentations in Virtually Any Niche...

Just imagine what a powerful presentation could do for you…

You can get a more engaged audience, more traffic, more sales, happier students,
clients, serious investors, and more.

And the best part?

You no longer need to hire designers or blow cash on complicated audio tools, video creators, PowerPoint plugins, graphics packages, stock images or custom fonts to get the job done!

Prezentar has everything you need to quickly create killer presentations that convert for ANY desired result, and for ANY niche market you're in.

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Prezentar is one of the most powerful tools I’ve seen in a while and at the price you can get it for today, it’s an absolute steal.

But I’m going way over the top to get you to try this because that’s how much I believe in the importance of using video in your marketing and content.

And yes, as an affiliate partner with Prezentar, I do earn a commission when you buy with my link below…

So if I have to bribe you to do it – then, so be it.

So here’s my bribe...

Here’s Everything You Get As Part Of My Birthday Bash When You
Buy Prezentar Using The Link Below...

Bonus #1:

Copywriting Masterclass

Whether you’re using Prezentar for content creation, ads, video sales letters or webinars, you still need a clear, concise, compelling message.

That’s why one of the first bonuses I want to give you access to is my foundational 5-step system for copywriting.

In Copywriting Masterclass, you’ll discover…

  • The psychology of copywriting and why it’s critical to understand your audience to create the perfect message…
  • The death of direct marketing & what’s already replacing it…
  • My top 3 templates for writing powerful, high conversion emails
  • How to write killer “action pages” to rapidly get conversions…
  • The simple & fast strategy I taught my entire team to create written sales letters that convert like crazy
  • How I apply my 5-step formula to create video sales letters…
  • My “top secret” formula for creating 8-figure webinars, including exactly what I say and when…

This bonus alone is an incredible start…

With Copywriting Masterclass you’ll be able to craft the perfect message to match the stunning presentation and animations you can create with Prezentar.

But because Prezentar is all about creating absolutely AMAZING video presentations, I want to help you go even deeper with my favorite marketing campaign…

Bonus #2:

8-Figure Webinar Formula and Template

Webinars are my absolute favorite marketing strategy.

And despite some people out there saying “webinars don’t work anymore” or “people won’t watch a long video”, I found that’s simply not true.

People will watch webinars and they will buy from them as long as you avoid one cardinal sin…

Don’t be BORING!

Look, nobody will watch a boring video about anything, no matter how long it is.

So keeping your audience engaged and interested throughout the video is critical.

Prezentar can help you create some of the most captivating, engaging presentations and animations you’ve ever seen…

And it can help you do it lightning-fast because of the massive library of templates it includes…

But you still need to share the right message in the right order to bring people along with you from the first minute to the last.

That’s where our 8-Figure Webinar Formula & Template comes in.

On this training, our copy chief at Lurn will walk you through…

  • How we apply the 5-step copy formula to webinars…
  • The key elements you must include to get people to stay until the end…
  • Why a tool like Prezentar can help you create even more powerful webinars that convert like crazy
  • And much more!

We’ve used this formula for the past several years to create over a dozen webinars that collectively generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

I only wish we had Prezentar a couple years ago!

This is BRAND NEW training from Lurn and we’ve never revealed our webinars secrets to this level before.

Pick up your copy of Prezentar today using the link below and you’ll be one of the first on the list to get our 8-Figure Webinar Formula & Template.

Bonus #3:

Create & Add High-Converting Offers To Your Prezentar Webinars & Sales Videos

It doesn’t matter how slick your video looks if you don’t have something people want.

So to help you take the next step in building an epic, high-converting webinar or sales video with Prezentar, we’ll show you how to create a killer offer people can’t resist.

Look, if your offer stinks, nobody is going to buy it. That’s why creating good offers is critical to the success of any marketing campaign.

And creating KILLER OFFERS has been our key to promotions capable of banking 7 figures or more.

Join Lurn’s Copy Chief, Jon Stoltzfus, as he reveals the new offer creation process Lurn has been using for the past year and a half. This was the key ingredient to launching several new million-dollar promotions in 2021 and refreshing some older promotions.

Combined with the powerful graphics and animations from Prezentar, you’ll have all the tools you need to create a powerful, persuasive marketing campaign.

Ready To Use Prezentar
To Make A Huge Impression on YouTube?

YouTube is on FIRE

While most people think of YouTube as just a video platform, the reality is a bit different…

YouTube is actually the #2 search engine in the world, behind only Google.

People actually use YouTube every day to search for things they want to learn…

How-to videos…

Or just pure entertainment.

Think of any topic and there’s a good chance there’s somebody with a YouTube channel about it.

Now, you might think that means the market is already saturated, but that’s not remotely true.

Just check out some of these stats…

  • We spend a BILLION hours a day on YouTube - More Than Netflix & Facebook, Combined!
  • 5 billion videos are watched EVERY DAY.
  • 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  • YouTube has over 2.3 billion monthly active users and is growing in every market around the world!
  • YouTube is growing across ALL age groups - everyone from teenagers to senior citizens.

That makes YouTube one of the top platforms to grow an audience and build a business.

But not everyone wants to show their face on YouTube…

And that’s OK! It’s possible to be extremely successful on YouTube with what I call “faceless videos”...

Prezentar is an ideal tool for quickly creating captivating, faceless videos.

So here’s what I want to give you to help you get started or grow your audience quickly on YouTube…

Bonus #4:

Top 30 YouTube Niches

If you’re going to build a business or audience on YouTube, it’s important you pick a niche first. For example, fitness, weight loss, or travel are all niches.

Your niche is so important on YouTube because it can either accelerate your success or completely block it. If you’re creating videos for a niche a lot of people are interested in and willing to spend money in, you’re setting up shop in a successful niche.

On the other hand, if you can put out hundreds of videos on topics no
one cares about, your audience and business may not grow at all.

That’s the difference choosing the right niche can make.

Now, you can either do the research yourself to figure out which niches are the best…

Or you can jump into this bonus content and check out the top 30 niches my team has already identified as being the most popular (and best for business) on YouTube.

And once you’ve got a niche picked out, it’s time to see how to create “faceless videos”...

Bonus #5:

Grow Your Audience On YouTube With Prezentar & “Faceless Videos”

Look, I get it - not everyone is as comfortable being on camera as I am.

No problem! We’ll show you several quick and easy ways you can create what I call “faceless videos”. You don’t even need to talk yourself if you don’t want to.

Now, while we’ve got several options, one of the top is to create a presentation and then turn it into a video.

With Prezentar, this is easier than ever and you’ve got several options to turn it into more than just a slideshow…

  • Create your slide deck in Prezentar
  • Add graphics and images to make it stand out…
  • Add an audio track - it could be a music file, sound effects, voiceover of yourself recorded right in Prezentar, or even voiceover provided by someone else in an audio file…
  • Then, when you’re done, all you need to do is save the file and share it to YouTube for the world to see!

This may be the easiest way I’ve ever seen for the average person to create mind-blowing presentations and “faceless videos”...

And Prezentar makes it easier to do with built in templates and easy to follow instructions.

Now, there’s one more bonus I’d like to throw in…

And Finally...
Bonus #6:

Master FREE Traffic With 6 Experts & Prezentar

Free traffic.

The Holy Grail of online business.

A lot of people talk about it. But very few know how to get it - and how to make it work for your business. Especially in the confusing and overwhelming world of social media networks we have today.

Add these to the mix:

  • Videos.
  • Photos.
  • Blogs.
  • Posts.
  • Fan Pages.
  • Podcasts.

And you’ll see why people are having a hard time generating free traffic for their businesses. It’s too much to follow. And most so-called experts are using that confusion to sell you more of their latest “shiny object”.

That’s why I’ve pulled together several experts to help me teach you how to generate leads and grow your audience with free traffic, including:

  • Drive massive amounts of traffic to your business for free.
  • Gain qualified leads for your business.
  • Leverage the top social media platform audiences to grow your business.
  • Use YouTube for marketing - you don’t need to be tech-savvy.
  • Master all 6 different forms of social media to take your business to the next level.
  • Optimize your Instagram account.
  • Master Facebook’s fanpage & create a community of loyal followers.
  • Build your own lucrative Pinterest business account.

You’ll learn from…

  • Reese Evans, Pinterest
  • Anik Singal & Stewart Nielsen, YouTube
  • Josue Pena, Instagram
  • Zane Baker, Facebook
  • Joe Ennis, Podcasts
  • Andrew Lantz, Content Creation

And when you combine what these experts can teach you about how to generate free traffic on each of these channels with the power of Prezentar

You’ll be able to create amazing video content and upload it to multiple platforms with just a few clicks…

Allowing you to grow your audience quickly across some of the most popular channels on the internet.

WOW – Now THAT Is Insane Value!
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Seriously...just take a minute to re-read that list and you’ll see two major things.

#1 – How much I BELIEVE in using video to grow your business...

#2 – How much VALUE I want to add this minute!

I decided to OVER-DELIVER on this bonus package because I KNOW Prezentar can help you create compelling, captivating video to boost your marketing efforts.

And the Prezentar team is fully behind this software as well, giving you a full 30 days to evaluate it and decide if it’s right for you.

I’m obviously pushing hard for you to test drive Prezentar by adding these 6 bonuses…

These bonuses are specifically meant to help you take full advantage of the power of video and animation in your marketing and content…

And with Prezentar, I believe you can take a massive step forward.

FULL Transparency How Can I Afford To
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I believe in 100% transparency.

There’s no catch here and no tricks.

See, my team has spent a lot of time preparing these bonuses for you and I’ve honestly spent a small fortune creating and supporting it all.

So, you must be wondering – WHY? WHY am I doing this and then also – HOW am I doing this?


I’m asking you to invest in Prezentar using MY affiliate link on this page.

Pure and simple. This way, I actually get a commission from the Prezentar team. I use a portion of that commission to help pay my expenses & give you all of these bonuses at no additional cost.


You NEVER pay a penny more for access.

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I hope you enjoy creating amazing videos presentations with Prezentar and thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday this year!  ;-)

CEO & Founder, Lurn, Inc.