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How To Jumpstart Your Kindle Business & Grow It To A $10,000+/Month Passive Income Stream…

Get Your Entire Business Up And Running With
2 Days of LIVE Coaching And Hands-on Help...

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These bonuses are worth over $4,491. And they'll be yours as soon as you join us for Kindle Cash Flow LIVE.

2 Days of LIVE Coaching
(April 25th & 26th, 2020) 8:00 am (EST)

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  • Ty Cohen Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Marketing and Kindle Publishing Expert

  • Joshua Montoya Author, Marketing Expert

  • Marty Cooney Entrepreneur, Speaker, Online Marketer

  • Tyler Cohen Author, Entrepreneur, Kindle Publishing Expert

  • Leonard Nesmith Entrepreneur & "Lenny The Boss"

  • Marquel Russell Founder of Client Attraction University

2 Days of LIVE Coaching
(April 25th & 26th, 2020) 8:00 am (EST)

  • Ty Cohen Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Marketing and Kindle Publishing Expert

  • Joshua Montoya Author, Marketing Expert

  • Marty Cooney Entrepreneur, Speaker, Online Marketer

  • Tyler Cohen Author, Entrepreneur, Kindle Publishing Expert

  • Leonard Nesmith Entrepreneur and
    "Lenny The Boss"

  • Marquel Russell Founder of Client Attraction University

From The Desk of Ty Cohen

Dear Kindler,

You're doing your best to take your new Kindle business off the ground.

However, you have serious challenges in front of you.

1You're Having a Hard Time Finding The Right Topic. Even if You’ve Found One, You're Feeling Overwhelmed...

There are so many things that need to be done.

  • Where do you start?
  • How much research is too little, too much, and just right?
  • Did you cover enough topics in your book so it would be valuable to your audience?
  • Is the outline clear enough for your ghostwriter?
  • Will it resonate with people?
  • And so on...

But you've managed to finish this step.

2Now It's Time To Find A Ghostwriter…

  • How do you tell if (s)he is someone who's up to the task?
  • Or is (s)he just someone who's full of hot air?
  • But your ghostwriter is asking for too much money. Now you have to negotiate the price.
  • But how do you do it, without risking the quality of their work?
  • How do you make sure that the quality of work is the best

3Okay, So Finally, After So Many Tough Decisions, You Have A Kindle Book That's Done And Ready To Go...

However, you're still facing some serious challenges:

  • How can you be sure if your new book is any good and valuable?
  • How can you tell it's not just a bunch of copy-pasted stuff from the Internet?

4Next, It's Time To Launch Your Book And Make Money From Your Effort…

  • So how do you actually launch a book on Kindle?
  • How to bring actual customers to the door, and not crickets?
  • How do you keep the momentum and keep the money coming
    into your bank account for months and years to come?
  • How to break through the income ceiling and add an extra 0 to your current income?

But even if you manage to overcome all these obstacles and challenges, there's still one left.

And it's maybe the biggest challenge of them all:

How do you build a Kindle Empire without working crazy hours and going broke hiring a bunch of outsourcers to help you?

If you found yourself nodding your head to AT LEAST ONE of these challenges, then you absolutely need to join us at this year's…

What People Are Saying...

"KCF Live is definitely worth it!"

-Becky C.

"You get results when you come here!"


"I received a lot more value than I expected to get at the event!"

-Brian T.

"Just come! You will leave transformed by what's being taught here!"

-Josie M.

"Coming to a LIVE event helps to put all the pieces together!"

-Anita S.

"Meeting the people who are doing the same thing I am doing at the same time is so valuable! "

-Jennifer M.

Kindle Cash Flow LIVE - A 2-Day Live Event Designed To Help You Overcome The Obstacles LIVE & In-Person - Finally Allowing You To Hit $10,000 a Month Passive Income with Kindle…

From April 25-26, at the amazing Lurn Center facility in Rockville, MD, we're gathering the TOP Kindle experts in the World alongside with those who make 6-figures with Kindle.

The goal?

To help you:

  1. Finally get the ball rolling, implement over 9 cutting-edge strategies and tactics, and start seeing results in DAYS, instead of months.
  2. Build an outsource and automation infrastructure that runs your business for you, without you having to worry about nitty-gritty stuff.
  3. Scale your business to $10,000 a month - without putting extra effort, time, or money into it.

So how do we plan to do this?

By sharing a powerful combination of four important elements of the Kindle Cash Flow LIVE process:

  1. No-Fluff, ADVANCED & Secretive Sessions - we're leaving no stone unturned and we'll share with you every single strategy, tactic, and tool needed to take your business off the ground and take it to $10,000+/month.
  2. Implementation Workshops - "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." So at this event, you won't just "hear" things. You’ll be shown, taught and most importantly UNDERSTAND so that you can use these passive income generating systems for years and years to come.

    We'll make sure you implement them and work on your business, so you could see results much faster. That’s right - we’re going to break out into WORKING sessions and you’ll have the entire coaching team at your disposal!
  3. LIVE Coaching & Hands-on Help - if you have any questions or dilemmas, just ask. All of our experts will be there to help you conquer any challenge or obstacle you face, almost immediately.
  4. NETWORKING - at Kindle Cash Flow LIVE, you won't meet just our experts.

    You'll meet 150 people just like you, who are in the trenches and doing well, as well as those who want to grow their businesses and take them to the next level. This is an amazing opportunity for you to connect with people, hear different ideas, see what's working in other industries, and form partnerships that can skyrocket your business and your income.

"The three of them have given us tremendous information..."

-Betty P.

"I highly recommend it for anybody that wants to start making some money for themselves."

-Rodney C.

OK, now, you may be wondering:

Ty, I already got your course. Why do I need to attend this event? What could possibly be different from the course?

Let me be straight - there’s a HUGE difference between a course and a live event.

A course is a passive thing. I talk. You watch.

One of the key benefits of a course is that you can go at your own pace. And you can play and pause whenever you want. However, that’s also its biggest disadvantage. Because you can start and stop whenever you want, you can easily get distracted by something else.

Because you have access to that course for life and because you’re going through it alone, it’s much easier to get overwhelmed and leave it for later.

Kindle Cash Flow LIVE is a whole different animal.

Kindle Cash Flow LIVE Is Not Just A Training - We’ll Actively Work WITH YOU On Implementing The Strategies That’ll Take You To $10,000+/Month...

Here, you won’t be just a passive observer. Here, you’ll actively work on your business.

How can I be so sure?

Because this whole event is designed as one ACTION-ORIENTED workshop. We’ll talk about a certain strategy or tactic. And then we’ll all implement it LIVE. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Right. There. On. The. Spot.

Plus, you’ll feel peer pressure of 150 other attendees just like you, so it would be impossible for you NOT to take any action.

And last but least, at Kindle Cash Flow LIVE we’ll be sharing some business-building strategies and tactics that we’ve never shared anywhere before. Not even in our courses.

In essence, when you join us at Kindle Cash Flow LIVE, you’ll:

  1. Hear about strategies and tactics never shared before.
  2. Get LIVE coaching and hands-on help on implementing those strategies.
  3. Feel pressured by your peers to stop procrastinating and start working on your business right away.(This is where you start to experience Quantum Leaps! :)

"There was so much that I did not know about Kindle as a medium for earning income on the internet. This is definitely a winner!"

-Steve G.

"I now view Amazon as more than a place to purchase items but more as a business partner."

-Akera E.

The second question I get a lot is from people who took some action, but still not seeing results:

I have already published a book on Kindle, but it's not bringing in a lot of sales. How can I benefit from attending Kindle Cash Flow LIVE?

Kindle Cash Flow LIVE is designed to help you jumpstart your business and take it to $10,000+ per month.

But that's not possible with having one book on Kindle.

So when you come to Kindle Cash Flow LIVE, we'll:

  1. Help you find highly profitable ideas, get your book created, and published on Amazon.
  2. Show you how to build a "machine" that can get you dozens of income-bringing books created and published in record time.
  3. Give you all our launching secrets so you can launch your books the right way and see results almost instantly.
  4. Show you how to scale your income from each book by syndicating that same book to multiple different places!

So no matter if you’re totally new to Kindle publishing or, already have a book on the Kindle platform, Kindle Cash Flow LIVE is A MUST for you.

"Very informative, very hands-on... they leave no room for error, they show you step by step guidance on how they became successful."

-Tatyonna M. & Desiree C.

"A wonderful way to expand my income & revenue generating activity."

-Jean C.

And finally, the third concern I get a lot about this event is:

Ty, I already went through the entire course.
And I'm overwhelmed and confused. I'm afraid I'll end up even more confused after this event.

Let me just say this. IF you’re feeling even 10% overwhelmed, then that alone is the #1 reason you must come to this LIVE event, period.

It’s not uncommon or unusual to end up overwhelmed after watching a course.

As I said earlier, watching a course is a very passive activity. You listen. Take notes. And that’s it. There’s no way to ask a specific question. Or to get help on your unique challenge that you’re having. After all, the course needs to appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

And that’s where live events come into play.

Live events like Kindle Cash Flow LIVE are not a substitution to a course. They’re an extension of the course.

So if you're feeling overwhelmed and confused, don't worry. When you come to Kindle Cash Flow LIVE we'll:

  1. Answer all of your questions you might have.
  2. Clear out all the confusion through our workshops, live coaching, and hands-on help.
  3. Give you all of our step-by-step checklists, processes, and procedures to know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  4. Work with you on implementing the strategies and planning out the tactics.
  5. Give you the oppurtunitiy to network and build relationships with other Kindlers who are either just starting out or already seeing massive success, so you could see how they’re dealing with overwhelming.

After Kindle Cash Flow LIVE not only will you not be overwhelmed and confused, but you’ll end up with a much better understanding of your business and the steps you need to take to grow it further.

OK, by now you've seen why Kindle Cash Flow LIVE is THE place to be if you want to make it big on Kindle.

"I recommend anyone who wants to learn anything about publishing on Kindle!"

-Billy M.

"These guys surely are the "Cash Flow" Kings."

-Jason S.

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty details of the event itself.

Who Are The 6-Figure Kindle Publishing Experts That Will Help Grow Your Income To $10,000+/Month

Ty Cohen

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Marketing and Kindle Publishing Expert

Ty Cohen is an accomplished publishing expert, internet marketer, and entrepreneur.

Over a decade ago, Ty took a major gamble with his life financially by quitting his corporate job and starting a business of his own.

That business soon became both an offline and online success generating millions of dollars in sales. And not only it transformed Ty’s life, but it also transformed the lives of countless others in just a few short years.

Over the last 11 years, Ty has taught tens of thousands of individuals how to become financially free by publishing simple Word documents on Amazon Kindle. The same system he uses to generate upwards of $50,000.00 a month with Kindle publishing.

After creating millions of dollars in sales and successfully working with thousands of clients across the globe, Ty decided it's time to take the next step.

He decided to take his expertise and help individuals and businesses around the world find that missing piece that would allow them to create lasting success in both business and life.

Marty Cooney

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Online Marketer

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Online Marketer, Marty Cooney is a 25-year-old who specializes in “Kindlepreneurship.” He also teaches internationally on topics such as, “How to earn money online” and “ How to create a 6 figure income from publishing books Amazon.

Marty first started KDP in late 2013, with a self-written series titled, “Lone Wolf: The Hunt”. However, that book wasn’t well received by the readers. One reviewer even said: “...if I
could, I would give this book a negative rating.”

After many struggles and failures, he decided to team up with Joshua Montoya and do KDP together.

They were able to scrape together $250 to hire a ghostwriter since they felt they weren’t the best at writing themselves. Their first check was .35 cents. The following month it was $530, then $2400.

After 3 months their check shot up to $14,000. Now, he’s sharing his story with people who need to hear it.

Joshua Montoya

Author, Marketing Expert

From Fast Food to Freedom, Internet Marketer Joshua Montoya rolled into the world of Digital Marketing back in 2010.

Joshua started his journey online with where he turned his $5 gigs into a $400 per client residual gold mine writing for different clients.

He is now a self-published author.

His self-publishing business brings him about $30,000/month passive income. He also teaches people all over the world how to publish their own books on Kindle. And turn their passions into profits.

Joshua also specializes in self-publishing lead generation, social media marketing, email marketing, outsourcing and product development.

Now, he's teaching others how to take advantage of these opportunities to create massive profits with their Kindle businesses.

Tyler Cohen

Author, Entrepreneur, Kindle Publishing Expert

Tyler Cohen is a 15-year-old, 11th Grader who loves sports, music, movies and video games!

After listening to his father - Ty Cohen - talking about Kindle all the time, Tyler decided to give it a try. He decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps and start his own Amazon Kindle publishing business.

His 1st Kindle book was published in 2019 and generated him over $1,350 in just weeks!

As of this date, he has outsourced the creation of 4 books. Three of those 4 titles are published, with the 4th going live soon.

On Kindle Cash Flow LIVE, Tyler will talk about how to start publishing books on Kindle, even if you have zero writing skills.

Leonard Nesmith

Entrepreneur & "Lenny The Boss"

Leonard Nesmith, also known as, “Lenny The Boss” was born and raised in a well-known drug infested neighborhood in North Philadelphia; however, with focus and determination he successfully avoided falling into the same trap as many of his peers.

Due to Leonard’s desire to be more than a product of his neighborhood he attended Peirce College and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

With hard work and drive Leonard moved up in the company he works for and is currently Vice President Of Operation where he is responsible for a staff of 180.

Outside of his 9-5 job, he focuses on his passion of helping others evolve into their best selves and achieve true success. He sends daily inspirational messages through all social media avenues to help everyone start each day on the right foot and to achieve their goals.

He goes Live on his social media avenues every morning on his “Good Morning Positive Vibes” Facebook/YouTube pages/channels where he provides additional inspirational messages, motivation, and tools to start your successful day.

Here is a quote he truly believes in, “The world owes you nothing, you owe the world. The world deserves and demands your talent”– Leonard Nesmith

Marquel Russell

Founder of Client Attraction University

Marquel is a client success story junkie and the founder of Client Attraction University, a Marketing Consultancy whose superpower is helping entrepreneurs attract clients on auto-pilot & scale their business while working 50% less.

Marquel and his team have built and consulted on hundreds of different client attraction systems across dozens of industries and have helped their clients generate billions of ad impressions, millions of leads, thousands of clients and over $20 Million in revenue (*number grows by the minute).

Top marketers and business owners who are already earning 7, 8 and 9-Figures have worked with Marquel and his team as well as entrepreneurs looking to earn their first 6 or 7- Figures in revenue.

He’s known for delivering the highest returns on investment to his clients (upward of 1,110.76%) and has a list of Success Stories that's as long as the line at a Jay-Z and Beyonce' Concert which have collectively equaled over $20 Million in revenue for clients and that number grows by the minute.

His companies’ mission is to help 1 Million Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners add an extra $1 Million Dollars To Their Annual Revenue.

What Are Some Of The The Strategies, Tactics, And Secrets You'll Discover During These 2 Days?

Here are the steps involved in this amazing passive income generating machine...

Session 1

Keyword research is so important - if you do it right, you can guarantee that you’re making a profit before one word hits the page. The problem is there are so many categories and subcategories… and picking the right one requires a whole lot of math…

And how do you decide which niches are ones YOU can fit into? You can spend a few days on the internet… and then get extremely nervous when it’s YOUR money on the line

Or you can spend a few hours with us, learning the ideal tactic for YOUR situation, discovering the MOST direct line towards profit. We won’t just find you one idea that can work - we’ll find FIVE.

If you’ve ever had a lack of confidence because you don’t have the experience - get ready to see what pure abundance feels like.

Session 2

You heard me, stop making content…

Also, stop making covers. Stop writing your descriptions. Stop writing your follow up emails, stop doing a solid 90% of what you’re doing.

My dirty secret as a best selling Kindle author: I hate writing.

The thing I’m really addicted to is checking my sales - I can do that 24 hours a day, and it gives me so much inspiration for the future. If you’re exhausting yourself physically working on your business, let me show you a better way, PLEASE.

This is definitely one of those situations where you absolutely need to work LESS in order to make more. And even if you don’t believe in that, believe in me, come to the seminar, and listen to what I have to say.

Session 3

Okay, there are plenty of industries that will buy WAREHOUSES full of books in order to reach the New York Times bestseller list. And being there can create a snowball effect that leads to all kinds of sales.


In your industry, you’re going to spend a little money up front to get your name and face in Facebook, Google, and YouTube Ads to get your new book in front of enough people to get the initial traction.


Traffic doesn’t need to be something you learn at the last minute - it should be the center of your strategy. And this is the fastest, surest path to traffic and visibility. And if you’re doing everything else I teach you, visibility means automatic sales.

Session 4

You’ve probably already heard that “the money is in the list” - but you know that getting a powerful email list is harder than it sounds. It takes consistency, money, and technical skill. It’s like climbing a mountain.

So if you’ve never had a list, or had a list or couldn’t sustain it, I’m going to show you how to make your mailing list, promote your mailing list, and train your mailing list so that EVERY SINGLE LAUNCH becomes easier than the last one.

Session 5

What’s better than one easy launch? Like… a dozen of them. And what’s better than when a customer buys from you? A customer that buys from you over and over again.

I’m going to show you how specializing - and a couple hours making a website - can get you to the $10,000 a month mark, not just because I say so, but with real case studies.

I’m bringing in a top expert to teach on this subject… he’s not big on putting his name everywhere online (the higher up you get, the more you’ll run into people with great credentials that just value their privacy), but he is going to show you a VERY good set of tactics that’s as valuable as a full course.

Session 6

Listen - it’s not enough to just make a lot of money from your mailing list.

The first time I had a successful launch SOLELY from my mailing list, I wanted to pump my fist and run around the room in a circle…

And maybe I did, okay? Don’t tell anybody…

But here’s the thing - I was still leaving money on the table, because I wasn’t leveraging that list for more access, more views, more profit.

Like, it’s good to own real estate, but once you’re renting it, you’re getting amazing results and working MUCH less.

So I want to introduce you to something called a “list swap” - that’s a way to get free traffic by just exchanging promotional messages with another list owner.

And GOD, this is powerful. I’ll teach you two other moves I’m using to increase my mailing list passively.

Session 7

Have you ever met somebody who will put out HOURS, days, and WEEKS of effort into a project… but they won’t actually risk a dollar?

Maybe they’re just scared about losing money. What if it’s more than they have? What if they can’t afford to lose it?

Look, I’ve grown up with hard times, I’ve been there.

But if you’ve got $25, I can loop you into a passive income source that works like clockwork.

Session 8

The Kindle store isn’t English-only. It exists in multiple languages, and getting inexpensive, trustworthy translations is actually LESS expensive than getting your initial book written, not more. This isn’t a big opportunity, it’s a MASSIVE one.

The actual hard work is actually already done by the time you’re looking to do this - the only hurdles are connections and logistics. If I’m nothing else, I’m a well connected guy that gets things done - all the time, no matter what.

Session 9

So listen - it’s just not enough to work and work and work on your eBook empire. It’s more important that you make the most out of every piece of work that you do. Adding extra formats to your sales page means adding to your bottom line long term.

Money isn’t an object here - you can do this without spending a lot of money. I look back and I’m BAFFLED at how much I spent the first time I pulled these projects up.

The good news is that even when I overspent, I made my money back, and so will you.

Session 10

Listen, you can take your books and put them on a dozen different platforms, but I talk about Kindle ALL the time for a reason. Amazon practically gives money away to stay on top of the heap and the best choice for authors…

The only question is whether you’re going to collect that money or not.

Join me and we’ll discuss how Amazon does the work for you - in price structure, in advertising for cheap, in convenient book descriptions and more.

Session 11

Here’s the thing - a LOT of Amazon is handed to you on a single platter, it’s very easy. Other things require you to dig deeper.

In this section, we’ll show you exactly how Amazon works, and how to ”crack” this platform in order to get the BEST organic results possible… you’ll be shocked at how much free space there is EVEN now for authors that have got it together.

"Awesome informational experience."

-Danae D.

"These guys surely are the "Cash Flow" Kings."

-Jason S.

Come Join Us Live in Our State of The Art, Purpose Build Facility in Rockville MD

We at Lurn have always strived to become a home for entrepreneurs. It's our mission. Up until recently, that was a metaphorical home...

Not any more!

In 2018, we managed to turn a long time dream into a reality, when we cut the ribbon on the first ever Lurn Center.

This state-of-the-art 26,000 square foot facility has everything an entrepreneur could possibly ever want or need to grow their business. From multiple connected classrooms, a lecture hall, recording studio, to arcade machines and table tennis table to unwind.

As an entrepreneur, you'll feel right at home at THE home for entrepreneurs. We can't wait to show it off to you when you get here!

Our goal is not to bring thousands of people to this event.

Our goal is to work closely with you and help you get your business to $10,000+/month.

And to be able to do that, we need to keep the number of live attendees at a manageable level. That’s why, for this year’s Kindle Cash Flow LIVE, we can accept ONLY 150 live attendees at the Lurn Center in Rockville, MD.

Once we max out the room, that’s it. We wouldn’t be able to allow more people in the room even if we wanted to.

Besides our goal is to make sure that each of the attendees will get enough of our attention. Enough to be able to implement strategies needed to reach $10,000+/month.


This message is sent to over 13,000 people who’ve purchased one of our courses.

So I know the interest for these 150 spots will be HUGE.

And with only 150 seats available, you can't afford to wait too long to make a decision.

Get your ticket TODAY for only $497!

That’s less than the cost of a new iPhone. And while the new iPhone only takes money out of your pocket and loses its value over time, the knowledge and insights you’ll get at Kindle Cash Flow LIVE will stay with you forever.

And will help you grow your income from where it is now, to $10,000 or more per month.

Make the smartest investment you can make - invest in your knowledge.

But there's more!

Act Fast & We’re Giving All Kindle Cash Flow LIVE Attendees Over $4,491 In FREE Bonuses

In addition to all these incredible things, we've prepared additional bonuses - worth $4,491 - to set you up on the path to success even faster!

FREE Bonus #1 25 HOT Niches Masterclass
(Value: $1,497)

After 11+ years of publishing books on Kindle, you can be sure I've tried and tested A LOT of niches.

And I can tell from experience, not all niches are created equal.

Some are absolute gold mines. And some are complete wastelands that barely get any visitors.

So I've decided to put my experience - and tens of thousands of dollars spent on getting that experience - at your service. When you join us at Kindle Cash Flow LIVE event, we'll give you:

A list of 25 HOT niches that are a GOLD MINE for Kindle sales and profits.

Pick any one of these niches, and you'll double your chances for success.

But that's just the beginning. We're not just handing the list over to you.

No, sir.

We'll also give you a list of TOP books in those niches. AND, we'll host a special masterclass on how to use those lists to increase your own sales and profits!

This bonus ALONE will save you a ton of money and time I had to spend before I learned what works and what not.

FREE Bonus #2 Kindle Cash Flow Factory Blueprint
($997 Value)

Henry Ford revolutionized the world with his streamlined manufacturing process.

He wiped out the competition simply because he found a way to produce more cars, much faster, at a cheaper price.

Here, we'll show you how to do the same thing - create your own "Kindle book factory".

You'll discover how to:

  • Streamline your book creating and publishing process.
  • Get more books created and published much faster.
  • Gather a team of people - without paying their salaries every month.
  • Outsource every single step of your business.

That way, you'll have the freedom to focus on the bigger picture. On building your business. Or on doing nothing.

It's your choice.

FREE Bonus #3 Done-For-You Book Funnel
($1,997 Value)

How would you like to have a skilled salesperson selling your book 24/7/365?

Without taking the time off. Without calling-in sick. Without asking for a raise, or even pay.

Well, that's what a book funnel is!

It's your digital "salesperson" that takes people from finding your book on Kindle, to buying it. And then takes your new customer and sell them the other stuff you have to offer.

All this while you're sleeping. Or spending time with your family.

But here, we won't just help you create your book funnel.

We'll GIVE you one. We'll give you our own fill-in-the-blanks funnel template, so you can just add the details about your book and get your funnel up and running in no time.

Oh, btw, this funnel sold 26,187 books in just 30 days! That's the power of having a good book funnel.

It's time to make a decision.

You're at a crossroads now. One path takes you to the same path of struggling and figuring out things on your own.

The second path takes you to the promised land of passive income much faster, with a very high chance for success.

The choice is yours. And if you decide to take the better path, the path to success, then click the button below and secure your live or digital pass for Kindle Cash Flow LIVE event.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Ty Cohen

P.S. Get your Kindle Cash Flow Ticket today. There, you’ll enjoy the value-packed, no-fluff sessions, implementation workshops, live coaching and hands-on help, and incredible networking opportunities.

You’ll also get a ton of amazing bonuses, created to help you reach your goals even faster and with a high chance of success.

And when the Kindle Cash Flow LIVE event is finished, you'll head back home with:

  • A clear plan you need to follow to grow your income and your business.
  • Several strategies already implemented.
  • Dozens of valuable contacts that could turn into partnerships.
  • Knowledge on how to reach $10,000+/month with your business, without working crazy hours and spending a lot of money.
  • Easy-to-follow processes and procedures to automate your path to success.

What People Are Saying...

"The “Kindle Cash Flow X” course and program is an outstanding investment for anyone interested in the current opportunities available to authors and publishers."

-Greg A.

"The training is very friendly, motivating, and engaging! I love the short sections that kept me interested and excited to experience the next section..."

-Mike R.

"A great training course for Kindle publishing...I learned a lot to bring on to my current (and future) Kindle books."

-Ivar N.

"The writing, publishing, and marketing methods covered are completely unique and on point. I seriously doubt if you can find them anywhere..."

-Samual I.

"Gives you a step by step program in how to kindle publish...boosts your confidence and alleviates the fear, to allow to take that next step and become a published author."

-Marla D.

"This course has been tremendous in setting out steps that are really simple and easy to do...the breathe of knowledge available here is amazing, you really don't need anything else... "

-Celeste B.

"The modules are step by step and its friendly for beginners and there's nothing left can also ask questions as you need to..."

-Alina V.

"Since day one of the
Authors Inner Circle course, I have been recommending it to friends on and off line..."

-Christopher G.

"I am pleased with what I have learnt to date, the lessons I have done are great, simple to understand and implementable immediately."

-Mohammad E.

"They do it step by step using screenshots...there's so much information...I actually plan on going back and watching some of the videos..."

-Christina L.

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