I’ve been putting together my first-ever Mastermind here at Lurn, and I’ve had so many questions about how to market this thing.

It feels like I’ve marketed everything under the sun in my 20+ year career, but a Mastermind is totally new to me!

That’s why I turned to Aleric Heck this week...

Not only is he a master at running YouTube ads, he’s run EVERY kind of funnel for his clients over the years. So when I had him on my podcast, I asked him his thoughts on how to set up my funnel...

What happened next totally blew me away...

He didn’t just explain how to set up the funnel. He literally walked me through every single step of how the funnel should work.

And then he wrote the EXACT ad I can use on YouTube!

It was so crazy to watch. Live on camera he wrote a killer script right off the top of his head. I knew this guy was good, but this was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in quite some time.

I can’t wait to get this transcribed and start using the ad.

Watch Now - LIVE Funnel and Ad Creation...

The whole video is full of actionable advice, but if you want to just watch the part where he creates the funnel and writes the ad, you can skip to 19:50 (or go right here).

One of the most fun parts of my job is getting to talk to these experts every single week on my podcast. They bring so much value to the #LurnNation community and teach me so much in the process too.

I’m not saying you can replicate Aleric’s results - like I said, this guy is a genius - but I know you can learn a lot from this video.

Watch this video now!

Love you guys,

Anik“Go Go Go!”Singal

P.S. - When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back!