I’ve done hours and hours of research into Masterminds this year. Last month I committed $65,000 of my own money joining two different ones.

And of course, I just launched my first-ever Mastermind - The Board of Experts !

"Too Long Didn't Read"

I’ve done a TON of research into Masterminds, and I’ve found there are only 3 reasons people buy in. It all comes down to Network, Proximity, and ONE killer feature. Fortunately, you only need one of those 3 to get started… Watch on YouTube Now!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far?

There Are ONLY 3 Reasons People Spend $10K, $20k, or even $30K For A Mastermind...

...And It Has Nothing to Do With Education!

Everyone thinks they need to film hours and hours of “content” to sell a Mastermind. But that’s actually the WORST thing you can do!

Don’t get me wrong - good courses are amazing. You just can’t charge the same as a Mastermind. I’m talking $1,000 or $2,000.

People spending $10,000, $20,000, or even $30,000 on a Mastermind don’t have time to sit through hours of courses.

They need something better...

  • Intimate access to an experienced Founder.
  • Networking with other brilliant members.
  • One KILLER feature that’s a no-brainer for members.

Here’s the thing - you don’t need all 3 to get started. You ONLY need one. As more members join, the other 2 will come naturally!

3 Reasons People Spend
Thousands on Masterminds...

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